2018-Summer Ministry Internships

About this role

2018 Summer Ministry Internships at Olathe Bible Church in Olathe, KS. (part of the greater Kansas City area)


Interns at Olathe Bible Church will learn to serve in the context of a local church byexperiencing opportunities to teach, serve and lead in a dynamic local church.A small team of interns will grow together in personal development throughstudy of the word, discipleship and theology under the teaching of OBC'spastoral staff.

This intentional pouring-in will equip interns to pour-out into their ministry focusof choice, as they assist in planning and coordinating of ministry programmingwith other leaders. Interns will also participate in and lead certain areas ofdiscipleship training and events, serve in various ministries of the church,and complete other duties as assigned by Ministry area leader and Internleader.

Available Ministry Focuses:

- Worship

- High School Ministry

- Middle School Ministry

- Church Planting

-   Connections

How to apply

Email [email protected] Please include a cover letter, resume, and statement of faith.

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