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Assistant Pastor for Student Ministries

Job type: Full-time

Category: High School/College Ministry

Location: Bellflower, CA Post Date: August 03, 2017


The Assistant Pastor for Student Ministries is called to come alongside parents in the discipleship and biblical education of youth and young adults. He will oversee all Bethel Grace ministries relating to teens and young adults. To help young people grow strong in the Lordand reach their neighbors, he will model and encourage an evangelistic lifestyle.


A. Oversight of Youth Ministry Programs from Junior High to College A. Oversee weekly Bible study & fellowship ministries to Junior High, High School and College

Provide and recruit sound biblical teaching for mid-week Bible Studies and Sunday school classes

Carryout 1 purposeful event each month during school year

Create a summer ministry program with added opportunities for fellowship and recreation

Carry out annual summer camp trip

Carry out 1 short-term mission trip each year (preferable)

Carry out an annual winter retreat (preferable)

Organize student discipleship groups

Coordinate student worship ministries

Be available to counsel/disciple students

B. Come behind parents in the spiritual upbringing of their children

Actively pursue relationships with parents

Hold parent meetings on a regular basis

Equip parents with resources to help love, disciple, and discipline their children

C. Recruitment, training, organization and leadership of workers

Administer "Reducing the Risk" screening of all Youth Ministry workers.

Recruit, train and encourage volunteers from the church membership.

Hire and oversee student interns for various ministries as resources allow.

Equip ministry workers by the use of regular staff meetings.

Make regular contacts with teachers for personal encouragement and assistance.

Take appropriate measures to appreciate teachers.

D. Stewardship of youth ministry resources

Develop and oversee an annual budget for Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Create a pleasing, creative and attractive learning environment in youth ministry facilities.

Care for all resources purchased for educational and recreational purposes.


A born again believer in Jesus Christ

Demonstrating the character qualities of Christian leadership laid out in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Maintaining a consistent devotional life of study and prayer

Spiritually gifted in teaching and evangelism

A driven desire to develop a healthy and growing ministry program to students and parents.

A team player mindset with the confidence, ability, enthusiasm and excitement to provide leadership for ministry volunteers

Meets the requirements of church membership continuing as a member in good standing at Bethel Grace Baptist Church

Accepts the Bethel Grace Statement of Faith and is in accord with the Church Covenant

3 years of experience in youth ministry leadership

Bachelor's Degree in ministry related program (pursing seminary a plus).


Full time, exempt

Holidays and vacation time

Church size: 200

Service style: Blended

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