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Assistant Technical Director

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: Gaithersburg, MD Post Date: August 15, 2017


The Assistant Technical Director will be responsible for the oversight, maintenance and operation of audio, video and lighting equipment. He or she will also coordinate production support at church events, with the help of production volunteers.



  • A Christian, who has a personal and growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Must be a member of Covenant Life Church or become a member upon employment.


  • College degree or equivalent with experience (professional or volunteer) in audio, video and lightingPrior experience in the following is helpful:
  • Live audio mixing for church worship settings
  • Aiming and programming theatrical stage lights and intelligent LED lights via a lighting console/software
  • Using church worship software for displaying lyrics and video
  • Video broadcasting, cameras and video systems
  • Leading church production staff and volunteers
  • Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal communication and leadership skills
  • Strong organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Has the ability to be flexible and demonstrate Christlike demeanor in a live production environment that is subject to spur of the moment changes
  • A willingness to grow in knowledge and master new technology quickly and thoroughly


Duties will include but not be limited to:


  • Provide AVL and production support to all church ministries
  • Be the staff technical lead and liaison between pastors, church staff and volunteers
  • Coordinate with staff and volunteers, and participate in event planning meetings
  • Edit, master, archive all audio and video recordings of church events
  • Troubleshoot, fix and/or send out broken AVL equipment for repair
  • Co-oversee the purchase, maintenance, inventory, installation and operations of all AVL equipment
  • Other duties as assigned by the Technical Director
Weekend Services
  • Serve as the staff technical leader, overseeing and troubleshooting all AVL elements for the rehearsals and services
  • Cover open/vacant positions (i.e., FOH mixer, lighting operator/designer) as necessary
  • Helps prepare and set the stage with music and production equipment for the band on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings
  • Lead pre-service production teams (ie. audio, video and lighting) meetings
  • Edit and archive sermon (audio and video) and post online to the church website.

Event Production Support

Provide AVL and production support at events sponsored by church ministries and departments, primarily but not limited to:

Student Life

  • Discovery Land/Children's Ministry (Sunday mornings)
  • 10:31/Youth Ministry (Wednesday night meetings), annual youth retreat (summer), annual youth musical (spring)
  • Covenant Life School (daytime/evening events)
  • Family Schools Program (evening events)

Special Events

  • Christmas Eve services
  • Good Friday/Easter services
  • Conferences, members meetings, staff meetings and trainings, etc.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter and résumé with references to Jim Mozingo (