Assoc. Pastor

About this role

Is an online church.

We are a Bible believing Church.

It is a Google Plus Community.


1st HOLY BIBLE CHURCH is in need of an Assoc. Pastor-Non Paid.

The person must have some experience in online ministry work.

The person must have went to Bible School or Seminary.

The person must be ordained.

The person must be able to type a good sermon.

The person must be well rounded in the Bible.

The person must be reliable.

We need the person for our weekly Worship Service and our weekend Worship Services.

Our Worship Services are as follows:

Weekday: Wed

Weekend: Sat and Sun.

We have our Worship Services in the Google Plus Community on Google Plus.

How to apply

To Apply send a sample sermon typed,via email.

Please send your e-mail to: [email protected]

Att: Assoc Pastor opening

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