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Associate Pastor of Evangelism

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Neenah, WI Post Date: October 23, 2017


The vision of Calvary Bible Church ( is "Making Disciples Together." God has called us to make disciples together in four specific spheres: in our homes, in the church, among our neighbors, and around the world. In order to help implement this vision, CBC is looking to hire a full-time Associate Pastor of Evangelism (PE). The PE will provide strategic leadership for the part of our vision that involves making disciples together "among our neighbors" and "around the world."

Our previous Pastor of Evangelism retired recently, leaving behind an organized team of committed volunteers who provide leadership for CBC's missions program. The next PE will be able to provide fresh leadership to that missions program and will be tasked with developing a team to lead and train the church in local evangelism.

Located in Neenah, WI, CBC was established over 80 years ago. Since then, the church has grown into a welcoming, multi-generational congregation of about 1,400 people. CBC is an elder-led, non-denominational evangelical church. (Neenah is part of the Fox River Valley, which is home to approximately 350,000 people.) CBC has a wide variety of ministries, including local outreach, children's, youth, women's, men's, and a K-8 Christian school (Fox Valley Christian Academy). CBC has a rich history of Christ-centered biblical preaching, love and desire for relationships, and a passion for missions. Today the church supports more than 35 missionaries, who serve around the world. CBC is currently debt-free and is in the preliminary stages of a possible expansion project.


Job responsibilities include:

-----Leadership of local evangelism efforts ("making disciples together among our neighbors"):

-Facilitating growth in evangelism in the congregation

-Modeling a passion and energy for evangelism

-Recruiting and leading a team to oversee the church's growth in evangelism

-Teaching and training in evangelism

-Planning and leading local outreach events

-----Leadership of CBC global missions

-Developing direction for the missions program.

-Developing, raising up, and identifying new CBC missionaries

-Overseeing GET (Global Evangelism Team)

-Overseeing short-term mission opportunities

-Planning and leading missions events for the church

-----General pastoral responsibilities

-Pastoral care, counseling, wedding, funerals

-Regular teaching; some preaching

-Leadership development, elder training


-committed follower of Jesus Christ

-qualified as an elder: able to teach, shepherd, lead; 1 Tim 3; Titus 1

-skilled communicator of God's Word to believers and non-believers

-committed to personal evangelism and world missions

-theological and biblical ability- M.Div. or equivalent in in experience in local church teaching and leading

-have a growing understanding of culture and how to speak to it

-able to lead and develop teams

-excellent interpersonal communications skills

-strong administrative skills

-an effective marketer/promoter of ministry and events

-ability to discern

-must be a connector (recognize talents in others and connect them with assignments that fit those talents)

How to apply

To apply please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

You may direct any questions to this address as well.