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Associate Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Vancouver , Post Date: April 06, 2017


The primary focus of this role is to oversee leadership development and discipleship, and provide pastoral care in the body of St. Peter's Fireside. The Associate Pastor will work alongside the Lead Pastor in overseeing our Community Groups, and will be responsible for developing and empowering coaches and leaders who can multiply Community Groups, resulting in disciples who can make disciples. They will oversee our Stephen Ministers (Care Team), lead Catechism, book monthly Equip & Build instructors, and ensure the body of Christ is receiving care and caring for one another.

The secondary focus of this role is executive and administrative. These responsibilities will vary, but include activities such as scheduling volunteers, connecting new people into the life of our church, working with our Budget Task Force, and planning events and trainings.

Understanding that no area of ministry at St. Peter's Fireside stands alone, and that all team members lead with a passion for the health of the overall church, the Associate Pastor will be called upon to serve in other ministry duties from time to time at the discretion and request of the Lead Pastor.


REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor

TYPE OF POSITION: Full Time, Permanent Ministry Positio


• Flexible, based on some ministry needing to be done on evenings• Regular attendance is required at all prayer meetings as well as at all church wide events• Sunday morning requirement to be serving at both gatherings• Mandatory Sabbath day per week, consisting of a 24 hour period of rest from work related to all aspects of ministry.


Negotiable according to experience and education, plus coverage of MSP, Extended Health Benefits


4 weeks, upon approval of Lead Pastor, plus flex time between Christmas and New Years.


St. Peter's Fireside is a growing three and a half year old church plant geographically located in the centre of downtown Vancouver. The majority of our church is between the age of 20 and 35, roughly one third of our members are students, and we have a growing number of young families with most children being under the age of 5. Although we are predominantly young, we are slowly but steadily diversifying in age, socio-economic status, and ethnicity.

We are gospel-centred, Spirit-empowered, and distinctly Anglican. We are a parish in the Anglican Network in Canada (ACNA), and part of the Redeemer City to City network of church plants. Although we are part of the Anglican tradition, two thirds of our members come from an array of different Christian backgrounds, and several are new or returning to faith. St. Peter's Fireside is reformed in soteriology, continuationist in pneumatology, missional in ecclesiology, and episcopal in polity. Our theological distinctives can be read at STPF.CA/THEOLOGY, and our denomination's theological stances can be read at ANGLICANNETWORK.CA/THEOLOGICAL_STAND.HTM

We approach ministry from a vision-inspired, mission-focused, values-driven perspective. We are captured by the vision of Scripture: Jesus is alive, in our city, renewing everything for the glory of God. Our mission is to become a faithful presence as we worship God, make disciples, and seek renewal. Our church values living Under Authorityin respect to God and Scripture, setting our Default to Prayer, having an Integrated Faith in all of life, embracing one another in Interdependence, and cultivating the Joy of Salvation within ourselves for the sake of the world.

Corporate worship is a defining mark of the people of God. Our Sunday worship gatherings are liturgical, creative, musically expressive, and focus on Christ-centred, biblical preaching and the faithful administration of the sacraments. We aim to create anatmosphere that is casual, celebratory, reflective, joyful, and very mindful of people exploring Christianity. The backbone of our church, and primary avenue for discipleship and spiritual formation, are our Community Groups, which gather weekly throughout Vancouver and are committed to love God, love one another, serve the renewal of our city, and build community. Like a good song, our groups have a rhythm: upward, inward, outward, and withward (yes, we made this last word up). These rhythms bring our minds, hearts and feet together so that our faith is love in action and not just words.


The successful candidate will be in full, whole-hearted agreement with the doctrinal distinctives of St. Peter's Fireside and the theological stances of the Anglican Network in Canada, and will embrace the vision, mission, values and ethos of St. Peter's Fireside. If you are not already ordained in the Anglican tradition, you need to be open to pursuing ordination. Loving God is your highest priority, and seeing the face of Jesus is your deepest desire. You are passionate about the Scriptures and cultivating your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You are prayerful and take seriously your holiness. You are fluent in the gospel of God's redeeming love and it shapes how you see yourself, others, the world, and living in the tension of the already-not-yet. In general, you are gifted pastorally, a people person, a caregiver, reflective, and more focused on long-term health than short-term gains. You may even be more gifted with pastoral counselling than preaching. While you are focused on providing care for people, you are also aware of when tasks need to be accomplished. You approach administrative work with diligence and as a further avenue for caring well for people and the church.


The successful candidate will have previous experience in pastoral care in a local church context. Theological training and specific education in regard to counselling and care is ideal, but not required.


You are able to equip followers of Christ through biblical instruction and exhortation. You strive to accurately handle God's Word and apply it to life and our current cultural context. You are able to protect the community of faith by understanding and confuting those who contradict the gospel.


You are open to new perspectives, able to be taught by others, and have epistemological humility. You can receive instruction, take directions, and be corrected. You can own your mistakes and shortcomings.

LEADING:You are able to build confidence and earn the trust of others in the task of being a caregiver for God's household. You show emotional intelligence, discerning the time to speak and the time to remain silent (i.e. you're not like Job's friends). You can counsel people with biblical truth, without using proof texts as bandaids or bludgeons. You can sit in grief and rejoice in celebration. You lead with care by pointing to Jesus.


You are able to work alongside others, listen to different perspectives, and work collaboratively to discern a way forward. You aspire to be an effective team member and builder who is able to strengthen relationships, group cohesiveness, and create ownership of ministries by empowering the giftedness of others.


You lead with a desire to learn and therefore a tendency to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to maturity, learn from criticism, and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.


You demonstrate a personal lifestyle consistent with Gospel standards. You aspire to consistently grow and seek the development of Christ-like character by taking care of yourself through a personal and prayerful relationship with Christ.


You are a self-starter with strong work ethic. You can hang out in the realm of ideas, but you really love getting things done and implemented. Ticking tasks off your to-do-list is a highlight of your day.

How to apply

Applications must include a cover letter, resume, and two written references (one from someone you've discipled, and one from a non-Christian). These initial one-page references simply need to affirm your desire and suitability for applying to this position.

Applications can be submitted to JOBS@STPETERSFIRESIDE.ORG

Application Deadline is Friday, May 26th, 2017.