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Canadian Operations Director

Job type: Part-time

Category: Administrative

Location: Guelph, ON, Post Date: August 07, 2017


Organizational Overview: Carey Outreach Ministries offers seminary level theological education to pastors and spiritual leaders who would not normally have access to such training. Carey is recognized by both Canada and the United States to award Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in Theological Studies. Working with networks of churches in upwards of a dozen countries, Carey has focussed on training the next generation of pastors and teachers in countries such as The Philippines, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Cuba and Myanmar. We are Reformed in our theology, upholding the five "Solas," and hold to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, but welcome similarly convicted Presbyterian brothers to participate in this exciting ministry. Carey's motto is: "Training Spiritual leaders that shape the church and influence the nation."

Mission Statement: We passionately minister via a top-down approach that serves church networks through modular programs, distance education and conferences. We send qualified men who combine pastoral experience with academic excellence.


Job Summary: With our founding President retiring to a less demanding role, his very many functions are being divided between at least three new positions. Reporting to the President and working very closely with the International Director, the Canadian Operations Director will:

· Provide leadership to the Carey Home Office team,

· Serve and build the network of supporting individuals and churches,

· Develop and lead Carey's Distance Education program.

The functions performed in the home office include academic administration provided by the Carey Registrar, and office and financial administration provided by the Carey Office Manager. The Carey Printing Press Director would also report to the Canadian Operations Director. It is anticipated that the greatest challenge will be in building and serving the network of prayerful and financial support for Carey Outreach Ministries.

He will be passionate about our God-given mandate to equip pastors by strengthening their theological foundations leading to life-transforming expository preaching.

Responsibilities: ● Serve, maintain and develop the network of supporting churches and individuals ● Coordinate with International Director to ensure appropriate, timely support to Carey's overseas operations ● Lead the Carey Home Office team ● Liaise with Carey Operations in UK and US ● Maintain and develop donor base, to include personal support, and support of Home Office staff ●

Skills and Requirements: ● A passionate, mission-hearted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ ● He will catch, embrace and vigorously pursue Carey's Mission to the glory of God ● An experienced leader with demonstrated communication and motivational skills ● Administrative experience in an academic environment would be most beneficial ● Experience in the financial management of budgets in excess of $300k annually beneficial ● Pastoral or para-church experience essential ● Missions experience including cross-cultural teaching would be beneficial ● He will already hold, at minimum an MA in Theological Studies, M.Div. or equivalent ● His skill-set will include preaching, teaching, fund-raising, organization and administration.

Benefits: ● Salary will be a combination of that which is provided by the Mission and that whichis raised by the incumbent ● Five weeks vacation

Additional: ● Part time, permanent (anticipating 2-3days/week, and 1-2 Sundays/month) ● Location convenient to weekly attendance atHead Office in Guelph, Ontario

How to apply

To Apply: Please forward your resume and cover letter, including your ideal salary range, to:

ATTN: Canadian Operations Director:


Location/Address: 47 Keys Crescent Guelph, ON, N1G 5J7

Resumes will be received until 15 September 2017.

We would like to thank every applicant, however we will only respond to resumes considered as having significant potential to meet the requirements of the position.