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Children’s Ministries Director

Job type: Full-time

Category: Children's Ministry

Location: Williams Bay, WI Post Date: November 07, 2017


To give overall leadership to all aspects of Calvary Community Church (CCC) Children's ministries, shepherding carefully and prayerfully each of the persons involved in any aspect of that ministry. This includes the children, parents, and volunteers.

Foundational Statements:

It is understood that after hiring this person will be an active member in good standing of CCC

This position requires a person who has a passion and a deep love for the children of our community, our county and our world and a desire for them to know Jesus.

This position requires mature, spiritual leadership as there is a large segment of the congregation involved in Children's Ministry who will look to this person as their primary spiritual mentor and leader.

The Children's Ministry Director will be the person responsible for the continuing development of the ministry to children.

This culture is one which is God honoring, Christ-centered, and Spirit led. It seeks to impact children with the love of God and the power of the gospel.

This role focuses on equipping Ministry Leaders who will be able to lead the various areas of the ministry and impact the lives of the children and their parents. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

It is the expectation that the Children's Ministry Director will not personally lead inevery service and every teaching, rather leaders and volunteers will be soughtand trained intentionally.

If married, there is a dynamic spousal love relationship which models God honoring marriage. If a parent, there is a relationship with the children which models godly parenting.

This person will have either formal education (preferred) and/or proven experience and personal study necessary to perform all the various aspects of this ministry. It will be especially desired that this person has the training, expertise, and passion to minster to those children and families with special needs.



An intimate, dynamic, life-changing, growing relationship with God. It is expected that this person will be continually seeking to grow in his knowledge and his relationship with Christ.

A passion for the Bible:

This person will be someone who knows the truth of Scripture well, has a developed understanding of Scripture and a passion to have the Word of God known.

A passion for the lost:

This person will be able to convey the need to be fulfilling the Great Commission as well as the Great Commandment.

A passion for prayer:

This person will set the tone for prayer within Children's Ministries.

A passion for discipleship:

This person will have the desire to see us raising up disciples who are making disciples and to aid in creating a culture that embraces this.

The heart of a shepherd:

This person will have a heart that cares about each person entrusted to their ministry inCCC. This role calls for a person with a passion for families and how thechurch can minister to, through, and with them.


This person will be an example of servant leadership as was our Savior as they lead teamsand oversee Children's Ministry volunteers.


This person will mentor individuals and teams to whatever level of growth they are able toattain.


This person is expected to be networked in our community, in our county, in our district. This includes parachurch ministries and communication with the various schools.


In close partnership with the Family Pastor, continued development and maintaining ofthe core values, vision, mission, and strategic planning necessary to accomplish the mandate God has entrusted to Calvary within the Children's Ministries of CCC.

Lead, guide, advise, and provide leadership for the Children's Ministries Staff (both paid and lay).

Ensure that in all teaching within Children's Ministries the Word of God is communicated in a doctrinally sound manner.

Develop and maintain a good working and collaboration relationship with other Senior Staff members and ministries.

Provide support and encouragement for Children's ministries as it occurs in any ministry of the church i.e. Youth Worship Teams, Children's choirs, etc.

Represent Children's Ministries on the Senior Staff team and to the support staff.

Ensure prayer and shepherding care for the ministry.

Give overall leadership and oversight to the finances of Children's Ministries.

Develop and maintain a good working and collaboration relationship with other Children's Ministries

of the evangelical churches in our area.

Time Required:

Assume a 40-50 hour work week…some scheduled time (large group studies, social events,special events); some planning time, some meetings & coordination, children and parent connection time. Personal attendance at one worship service each weekend is required.

Training Opportunities:

Calvary Community Church is committed to ongoing personal and professional developmentof all staff. Regular assessment will be offered to guide this person to those training opportunities which will enhance their effectiveness in this position. This will include reading, seminars, conferences, retreats, etc.


There will be at minimum semi annual reviews.

How to apply

Please send cover letter and resume to: [email protected]