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City Group Leaders Director

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Omaha, NE Post Date: October 11, 2017


Citylight Church exists to multiply disciples of Jesus and churches. In early 2012 Citylight Church was just a handful of people praying in a living room. Since launching publicly, God has quickly grown the church family to more than 1,700 people. Jesus is building His Church. Additionally, Citylight has had the joy of planting new autonomous churches that are taking the Gospel to new communities. God is clearly moving, new disciples are being made, new groups are being launched and living on mission, and new churches are being planted. We praise God for His tremendous grace in this season!

Citylight is not a programmatic church, but has two primary ways of making and maturing disciples of Jesus. (1) We gather on Sunday to preach the Word of God, take communion and worship Jesus, and (2) we scatter into City Groups throughout the week to live as the church. City Groups are not an extra thing we do to keep Christians busy, they are the life beat of our church and primary place we mobilize people to live on mission and live as a redeemed spiritual family.A City Group is a mid-sized community that is being transformed by the Gospel, growing as a spiritual family, and serving a specific neighborhood or network of Omaha. We want everyone that calls Citylight home to be a part of a City Group. God is using City Groups to change lives, encourage the saints, and impact neighborhoods for the glory of God!We believe that healthy disciples make new disciples, that healthy groups launch new groups, and healthy churches multiply and plant new churches. City Groups are the place we help raise up leaders and mature disciples. Often times existing City Groups will join up with other groups and help launch new churches in their local community. If we want to plant more churches, we must launch more City Groups. If we want to mature and make disciples of Jesus, we must launch more City Groups. If we want to raise up leaders and disciple makers, we must continue to launch City Groups.


Lead a City Group

  • Lead a City Group and work towards living out the Up, In, and Out DNA.
  • Build a Leadership Team within your City Group of 4-8 emerging leaders.
  • Cultivate a disciple-making culture via Huddles.
  • Do life with your City Group (Kitchen Table, Summer Concerts, etc.)
Lead City Group Leaders
  • Equip City Group leaders via weekly sermon discussion guides.
  • Mobilize City Group Leaders by giving vision for missional activities.
  • Help organize CG Leader training events (2-6 events a year)
  • Know City Group leaders – Visit a City Group once a month, take City Group leaders to coffee/lunch. Care for them, love them, pray for them, find ways to do life with them.
  • Launch City Groups – This can happen by helping existing City Groups multiply, or by calling a pocket of people together and into leadership.
Connect People to City Groups
  • Group Launch – Help get people connected to City Groups via Group Launch and by helping people process which existing City Groups may be right for them. This requires some hand holding and responding to emails.
  • Details/Website – Manage an email list of 200 plus City Group leaders so that communication via group leaders can be done efficiently. Also, make sure City Group descriptions are rightly posted to the web page.
  • Tell Stories – Tell FRESH stories of City Group WINS via our Citylight social media, blog, and even video. Help capture stories that inject the right DNA into our groups.
  • Commission City Groups – Help get new City Groups on stage, cast vision, and be commissioned to live on mission! This makes CGs visible and blesses them via prayer support!
  • Help plan preaching schedules, weekly meetings, events, retreats, and outreaches.
Personal Responsibility & Team Member
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with Jesus. Follow Jesus, obey Jesus, love Jesus. Also, seek out a mentor and personal discipler that you can meet with regularly in Omaha.
  • Raise your financial support and maintain your support team through regular communication via emails and letters.
  • Be present at all required staff meetings, trainings, or prayer times. Be present for Sunday Gatherings as much as possible.
CompensationFor Resident
  • Citylight Residents fundraise a portion of their salary. Residents are responsible to raise monthly support and will receive a monthly stipend from Citylight.
  • The Resident is responsible for $2,000.00 of raised monthly support and will receive a $1,250.00 monthly stipend from Citylight.
  • Health Insurance and paid time off provided.
  • Seminary/tuition assistance available.
  • New Team Members will have access to various fundraising materials and tools to help them raise support.
For Director or Pastor
  • Salary $40,000 – 62,000 based on experience and education
  • Benefits include, paid time off, health care, retirement funding, and tuition assistance

Director Report will be lead pastor, Chris Hruska.

How to apply

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