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Communications Director

Job type: Full-time

Category: Administrative

Location: Wake Forest, NC Post Date: July 06, 2017


The purpose of the Communications Director is to serve the faith family of Richland Creek by leading them to use any means available, especially communication media, to make disciples; and to helpRichland Creek be a community connected to each other and to the world. The Communications Director will function as a unified part of the RCCC ministry team.


Description: The Communications Director is responsible for the development and implementation of integrated communications programs and messages for RCCC. Under the oversight of the Worship Pastor, this person leads and monitors all communication projects and provides management, distribution, and execution of communications programs both internally to the congregation and externally to the world. The Communications Director will assist each ministry leader/area in promoting and implementing their ministry goals and objectives.


  • Must have a clear testimony of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and show signs of a deepening walk with Him.
  • Demonstrates spiritual and personal maturity/integrity
  • Strong burden to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and involve them in church ministriesAbility to identify, raise-up, and equip leadersLeadership qualities and administratively gifted
  • Good people skills and godly mannerGood task management and calendar keeping.Ability to work quickly and efficientlyFluent experience in these applications: Adobe PhotoshopFamiliar with and able to learn these applications: Adobe AfterEffects, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Strong devotional life and commitment to prayer
  • Agreement with RCCC doctrinal statement, vision, philosophy, and Constitution & Bylaws

Weekly and Regular Upkeep of Church Communications – The Communications Director should monitor and produce, with minimal supervision, the recurring avenues of marketing and promotion within the church. This would include, but is not limited to:

  • Church bulletin - graphics, formatting, content
  • Website (described below)
  • Foyer screens/rotating content
  • Road signs/banner signs
  • Merchandise (ordering, stocking, presentation, volunteers)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Church-wide E-mail campaigns (MailChimp/The City)
  • Same day pictures of events (Capturing the moments in real-time)

This includes other recurring responsibilities as assigned by the Worship Pastor & Senior Pastor

Web, Social Networking & Church App – The Communications Director is responsible for regular upkeep of the website/social media/church app. This includes staying six months out on graphics/sizes that are ready for implementation at the appropriate time.

Strategic Planning and Marketing – Under the supervision of the Senior Pastor & Worship Pastor, the Communications Director should always be thinking ahead, devising new means of serving the church and equipping the members to serve each other. He should be proactive when serving the pastors and elders of the church, suggesting ways to improve communication for their ministries and showing a willingness to serve by executing those ideas.

Responsibilities in this area also include:

  • Acquiring or designing graphics for sermon series and upcoming events - always staying at least three months outAcquiring or creating video teasers/intros for sermon series and upcoming events.
  • Designing and ordering promo cards, event cards, or mass mailings for sermon series and upcoming events.
  • Finding creative and cost effective means to advertise Richland Creek and its ministries and events, such as newspapers, magazines, signage, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.
  • Designing, ordering, & selling Richland Creek merchandise as witness wear.
  • Keeping good relationships with local newspapers and TV news stations and informing them of newsworthy events at RCCC.
  • Posting timely photos/videos/graphics that capture both the vision and excitement of what God is doing at Richland Creek.

Leadership Identification and Training – The Communications Director must regularly raise up servants to help fulfill the church's overall communications goals. Raising up servants balances individual skill sets, deflects praise from individuals, and gives others the chance to exercise their God-given talents.

The Communications Director should also be prepared to accept other responsibilities as directed by the Worship Pastor & Senior Pastor.

How to apply

To Apply, please send your resume & cover letter to:

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