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Contemporary Worship Leader

Job type: Part-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Montgomery, AL Post Date: July 13, 2017


Bridge Service Worship Leader and Other

The Worship Leader is the primary staff member responsible for leading worship in the Bridge Service. This is a part-time position with compensation based on up to 25-30hrs/week with potential for growth. The Worship Leader will report to the Director of Worship for all items pertaining to music and will report to the Associate Pastor for all spiritual items. The other portion of this position will be based on your other skills . . . . administration, education, service, technology, etc. We are willing to work with the individual that has the musical skills and leadership we are desiring!

Desired Spiritual Traits

• A man with a strong, mature, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to know, love, and serve God

• Reformed Theology and willing to initiate a course leading to church membership

• Spiritual leader for his team

• Allows the Holy Spirit to drive the manner in which he engages the music ministry, one facet of worship, for the overall mission/vision of YMPCA

Desired Musical Traits

• Competent in music reading and can play piano and/or guitar

• Some formal music instruction (do not need to have a music degree)

• A good, strong, confident voice

• The ability to bring energy and enthusiasm and passion to the church service through music

• Ability to adapt music to make accessible for congregational participation

• Have experience in leading groups of musicians and vocalists in the context of contemporary worship running effective and consistent rehearsals

• Understands congregational vocal ranges and limitations

• Musically eclectic

Desired Leadership Traits

• Personable/Approachable/Team Player

• Excellent communication skills.

• Good working knowledge of A/V

• Great planning and organizational skills

• Knows the difference between worship leading and performing

• Able to work with varying levels of talents and abilities (Not leading music, but a leading people mentality)

• Servant leader

• Strong but sensitive in holding team to a higher level of accountability

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