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Creative Arts Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Collierville, TN Post Date: March 28, 2017


We're looking for someone who's pastorally inclined, theologically reformed, liturgically minded, hymnally literate, and musically adept in the folk/Americana genre to lead in our gathered worship and culture making endeavors.


St. Patrick Worship Mandates:

  • Ever-increasing truth, goodness, and beauty (excellence) in our services.
  • Producing cultural goods that celebrate God's story through St. Patrick.

The Creative Arts Assistant Pastor is:

Creative (15 hours)

  • Engages and empowers the artistic community within St Patrick toward fresh expressions of the liturgy
  • Meets with pastor(s) once per month to plan out creative engagement according to the upcoming liturgical season.
  • Curates the congregational repertoire with special attention to not only theological orthodoxy, but also cultural contextualization.
  • Oversees and coordinates communication media and design for gatherings
  • Writes, arranges and teaches new songs

Pastoral (15 hours)

  • Makes disciples through instruction, immersion, and imitation, especially in
  • the areas of Worship/Tech and Youth/Young adults
  • Provides the primary pastoral presence in student ministry, guiding areas of
  • teaching, counseling, and leader development
  • Recruits, trains, and deploys and reviews artistic/technical personnel
  • Pursues personal growth in spiritual, emotional, and professional areas
  • Maintains the qualifications of a deacon, pursue elder track

Administrative (5 hours)

  • Selects songs and schedules musicians via Planning Center for each Sunday by the 15th of each month for the following month, including special and communion music.
  • Confirms all musicians confirmed by Tuesday of each week.
  • Ensures that music is prepared and chorded

Professional (5 hours)

  • Is well-rehearsed and polished as a performer
  • Conducts weekday rehearsal to prepare artists
  • Arrives at least 90 minutes prior to services to prepare for worship.
  • Initiates with scheduled A/V personnel to ensure technical accuracy and excellence.

How to apply

Visit our website to learn more about our family's story.

Email with resume, creative portfolio, and video of you leading worship.