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Cross-Cultural Outreach Director

Job type: Part-time

Category: Other

Location: Austin, TX Post Date: April 21, 2017


Vision of Church of the Violet Crown:

To participate in the advancement of God's reign for God's glory and our joy.

Mission of Church of the Violet Crown:

To be a unified church for a diverse community.

Church Context:Church of the Violet Crown is a multicultural church plant in the sprawling urban eastside of Austin, Texas. Already in its third year of ministry, Violet Crown is paving new roads to un(der)-reached areas ofthe community – not only making connections with ethnic minorities in historically neglected areas, but also serving locals in ways that might be considered unconventional. For example, Violet Crown engages in door-to-door evangelism, it ministers to the poor and homeless, it partners with local pregnancy centers and restorative justice initiatives to minister and care for those often forgotten and rejected in society. The possibilities for cross-cultural ministry in Austin are endless – the church is also strategically located near the University of Texas at Austin and intellectually engages with students through regularly hosted seminars and talks. As Violet Crown looks to expand both its reach and depth,it seeks a Cross-Cultural Outreach Director to oversee, facilitate and strengthen these ministerial initiatives.

Job Overview:

The Cross-Cultural Outreach Director at Church of the Violet Crown will help cultivate the church's witness as a unified presence in the fractured and diverse community of Austin through the following three means:

  • By facilitating and strengthening the church's outreach to the city
  • By serving un(der)-reached communities in Austin
  • By assisting the Lead Pastor in equipping church members for the work of cross-cultural discipleship



The position of Director of Local Outreach and Community Engagement will have the following two responsibilities:

1) Equipping the Church:
  • Follow up with leads and connections initiated by the Lead Pastor
  • Organize evangelistic initiatives
  • Teach and empower church members in cross-cultural ministry

2) Community Engagement:

  • Develop relationships with local organizations serving our community
  • Strengthen relationships with already existing partnerships
  • Strategically consider how we can better serve and reach our community

As part of the Church of the Violet Crown leadership team, the position will also include:

  • Assisting with other ministries as needs become apparent
  • Assisting with general and administrative tasks of the church


  • Initiate and pursue discipling relationships
  • Communicate regularly with the Lead Pastor
  • Attend the following:
    • Sunday worship gatherings
    • Weekly Discipleship Group
    • Weekly staff meetings
    • Monthly prayer gatherings
  • Fulfill a 20 hour work week


  • A person of high character as embodied in 1 Timothy 3:8-13:
    • Dignified
    • Self-controlled
    • Not greedy
    • Steadfast in the faith
    • Theologically rooted
    • Sexually pure
    • Blameless
    • Diligently cultivates a growing and vibrant relationship with the Lord.
    • Takes initiative.
    • Has the gift of administration.
    • Strong communication skills.
    • Team player.
    • Teachable and willing to try new things.

Education and Experience:

  • The applicant must have a ministerial degree of some form – preferably a degree from a seminary or graduate school, but candidates with a bachelor degree from a Bible undergraduate college will also be considered.
  • The applicant must have at least 3+ years of ministry experience. This may include volunteer work, previous internships and/or residencies.


  • This position is not paid. The accepted applicant would be expected to be bi-vocational (like the Lead Pastor) or raise his/her own financial support.
  • The church cannot help financially, but will help the accepted applicant find suitable housing and make the transition to life in Austin as seamless as possible.

How to apply

Each applicant must submit the following to this email:

  1. a resume
  2. two references
  3. a cover letter outlining his/her skills, passions, experience and his/her suitability for the proposed job position