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Director of Board Directed Ministries

Job type: Full-time

Category: Administrative

Location: Birmingham, AL Post Date: July 07, 2017


Briarwood Presbyterian Church PCA in Birmingham, AL is prayerfully searching for a leaderof leaders to shepherd and develop eight Directors of Briarwood's BoardDirected Ministries. (Birmingham Theological Seminary, Briarwood Ballet,Briarwood Christian School, Briarwood Fellows, Campus Outreach, ChristianMedical Ministry, Quest Recreation Outreach and Young Business Leaders) Thissenior staff team position requires a champion of outreach and discipleshipministries and someone gifted in providing effective oversight for ourDirectors. Interested candidates should send resume to Amy Lattner (


The Director of our Board Directed Ministries will serve on the Executive PastorLeadership Team of the church and represent our Board Directed Ministries aswell as provide wisdom and discernment for our church as a whole. He will betasked will mentoring, leading, managing and developing the Directors of eachof Briarwood's Board Directed ministries. He will work to maintain andstrengthen the wonderful unique connection we have with of each of Briarwood'sBoard Directed Ministries. The diverse nature of our Board Directed Ministriesrequires this position to be filled by a uniquely gifted and qualified person.This role has oversight of entrepreneurially minded leaders that also work inconcert with a board. Therefore, the leadership style required in this positionis one of coaching and mentoring. The Director will also have theresponsibility of shepherding one of our congregational communities.


CHARACTER:must be a man who sees himself as a sinner saved by the grace of God in pursuitof holiness by the power of the Holy Spirit; daily endeavoring as a leader toset an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

KNOWLEDGE: a clear understanding of the unique dynamics of church ministries that aredesigned to impact target areas within a community; a working knowledge of Reformedtheology and Presbyterian doctrine.

SKILLS: a mix of spiritual gifts such as leadership, pastor/shepherd, teaching, mentoring andadministration would be helpful to effectively serve in this ministry. Vision– the Director must be capable of keeping the vision and mission of the churchbefore the Directors of our Board Directed ministries while helping them maintainthe missions of our Board Directed Ministries within the vision and mission ofBriarwood. Teambuilding – the Director should be qualified to helpleaders of targeted ministries work together as a team and train them in theeffective development of their boards. Teaching/Leading– able to teach and lead as the champion of all of our Board DirectedMinistries. Mentoring – this role requires that the Director be skilledto mentor each of our directors in their personal walk with God, growth as aleader and in their roles as the strategic thinkers for their ministries. Basicadministrative and management skills – oversee talented staff, set goalsand priorities, handle expenses and budgets. Pastor/Shepherd – theDirector will provide pastoral leadership to the directors and their familiesas well as have the responsibility of shepherding one of congregationalcommunities.

EXPERIENCE:previous experience in directing a ministry or organization that is lead by aboard; experience and success in managing and developing senior level staff whoare leaders of leaders; experience in working for or directly with a church.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to Amy Lattner (