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Director of Children’s Ministry - Elementary

Job type: Full-time

Category: Children's Ministry

Location: Bethesda, MD Post Date: May 10, 2017


The Director of Children's Ministry—Elementary provides overall direction for all Children's Ministry (CM) programs and events for elementary-age children of Fourth Presbyterian Church under the umbrella of Family Ministry (FM).


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain and coordinate a balanced, age-appropriate program of Christian education, worship, fellowship, service, and outreach in light of the vision of the church, updating as necessary
  2. Identify, recruit, train, equip, and nurture elementary leaders
  3. Provide support to the families of Fourth Church in the Christian nurture of their elementary-age children


  1. Collaborate with the Family Ministry staff to provide all children with a welcoming and safe environment that instills the confidence of families
  2. Establish godly relationships with children, families, volunteers and church staff, praying with/for them and responding to any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions
  3. Oversee the development, selection, procurement, and use (including leader training) of age-appropriate curriculum and materials for elementary-age children throughout CM program activities
  4. Provide special times of celebration for children as part of the Family of Fourth, and to recognize significant events in a child's or a family's spiritual development
  5. Prepare and/or edit publication materials regarding CM programs and events
  6. Assign tasks to the Administrative Assistant, sharing supervision with other FM staff
  7. Work with the Pastor of Family Ministry to prepare, submit, and administer the annual budget of all CM programs and events
  8. Meet weekly with CM staff to pray, coordinate weekly plans, and develop and oversee joint projects
  9. Participate in Program Meetings and other church meetings as assigned by the pastors
  10. Consult quarterly with relevant FM staff and the Christian Education Committee—Children to review and establish the goals, policies, and programs of the CM
  11. Be available to all CM leaders regarding ministry concerns when the Director for Pre-K is inaccessible or away
  12. Grow spiritually through personal and corporate worship, prayer, and Bible study

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Commitment for reaching children and families for Christ
  • Knowledge of child development, including spiritual development in children
  • Experience working with children and volunteers
  • Flexibility for evenings/weekends
  • Good communications skills—public speaking, writing, telephone, emails
  • Excellent organizational skills with an eye for detail and passion for development and improvement
  • Bachelors Degree

How to apply

Interested applicants can send their resumes and a letter of interest to: