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Director of Worship Ministry

Job type: Part-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Littleton, CO Post Date: May 15, 2017


The vision for the worship director position is one that will seek to find an individual who can creatively help lead the congregation through corporate worship gatherings, and is aligned with the church vision and mission. The worship director will envision himself/herself as one who disciples people through the leading of song, prayers, readings, etc. The worship director will work directly with the preaching pastor in execution of Sunday morning worship gatherings


The position will start as a part-time position while the church is in "plant phase" and will have the opportunity to grow as the church grows.

Execute basic requirements of worship director

Leading music in corporate worship (song selection, charting songs, writing music and parts)

Auditioning, organizing, scheduling, training and leading musicians and tech people

Oversees sound system and gear maintenance, upgrades, repairs

Developing/Discipling musicians for support roles

Developing/Discipling and mentoring music leaders for current and future congregations

How to apply

Please email a resume, and for more info, email James Hoxworth-