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Executive Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Houston, TX Post Date: May 09, 2017


The Executive Pastor serves with the Lead Pastor and the pastoral staff by providing logistical and administrative leadership for all BridgePoint ministries in order to accomplish the church's mission. The Executive Pastor oversees the church staff, partners closely with the Community Life Pastor, and reports to the Lead Pastor.

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  • Spiritual Devotion: A clear personal walk with Jesus Christ and an evident love for God.
  • Doctrinal Conviction: Doctrinal conviction and clarity expressed through wholehearted agreement with BridgePoint's doctrinal statement.
  • Elder Qualifications: Christian maturity clearly reflecting 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  • Relational Love: A warm, impartial love for others expressed amidst organizational leadership.
  • Shepherding Discernment: Pastoral instincts and spiritual wisdom to shepherd staff and church members toward biblical sanctification.
  • Organizational Leadership: Proficiency in large-scale organizational leadership with the skill to align all ministries with BridgePoint's mission.
  • Missional Innovation: Gospel-driven creativity and kingdom entrepreneurship that leads to innovation flowing from biblical doctrine and values.
  • Quality Control: Commitment to organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and improvement (including attention to detail), while prioritizing biblical methods and loving relationships.
  • Leadership Development: Ability to recruit and train ministry leaders for diverse ministries.
  • Collaborative Spirit: The ability to work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor and all elders, pastors, staff members, ministry leaders, and volunteers.
  • Biblical Communication: The skills necessary to communicate publicly and interpersonally with elders, pastors, staff, and the congregation.
  • Logistical Proficiency: The skills necessary to organize many moving parts and people.
  • Strategic Thinking: The skill to assess existing ministries, developing needs, and new opportunities and take clear steps toward implementation and development.


  • Be or become a member of BridgePoint Bible Church.
  • Possess a master's degree in divinity or a ministry-related field from a like-minded seminary.
  • Pass a standard background check on an annual basis.
  • Possess 5+ years experience in local church or parachurch ministry. Experience in administrative or organizational leadership is preferred.


1. Staff and Ministry Oversight

  • Oversee, organize, and equip biblically qualified deacons.
  • Oversee all paid church staff and lead weekly staff meetings alongside Lead Pastor.
  • Train, equip, and develop all staff to serve more biblically and effectively.
  • Ensure that pastoral care is provided for all staff and ministry leaders.
  • Equip all ministry leaders to recruit, shepherd, train, and replicate faithful volunteers.
  • Lead regular performance evaluations with all staff members and ministries.
  • Maintain and improve healthy coordination and partnership between ministries.
  • Oversee adult Sunday School classes—curriculum, scheduling, leaders, and evaluation.
  • Oversee intern program and recruit, train, and care for interns.

2. Mission Alignment and New Initiatives

  • Align all ministries with the church's stated mission.
  • Embed the church's mission and values in all structures and activities.
  • Coordinate with all committee leaders to ensure mission-centeredness.
  • Assist the elders and pastors by serving as lead architect for new BridgePoint ministries.
  • Consult with ministry leaders and help them design and take their next ministry steps.
  • Implement leadership development initiatives throughout BridgePoint's ministries.

3. Administrative and Logistical Oversight

  • Oversee and harmonize the annual BridgePoint calendar.
  • Develop, implement, and improve systems and procedures for biblical effectiveness.
  • Oversee the general budget including staff-level purchase approvals.
  • Oversee church-wide communication mechanisms.

4. General Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Provide pastoral care for members as required.
  • Serve as pastoral representative on select committees as strategy requires.
  • Preach 2–6 Sunday morning services per year as requested by Lead Pastor (flexible).
  • Participate regularly in Sunday services through Scripture reading, prayer, or announcements.

How to apply

Send CV and cover letter to Lead Pastor David "Gunner" Gundersen at