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Executive Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Richmond, BC, Post Date: September 09, 2017


Title: Executive Pastor

Accountability: Lead Pastor

Primary Duty: To provide strong pastoral leadership that will, in cooperation with the Board, further define and communicate the church's mission, vision and values, and empower and equip its pastors and people to work together to accomplish corresponding goals and strategies.

Position: The Executive Pastor is called by the church, is accountable to the Lead Pastor, and serves as our operational executive for day to day management.

This position is full time based on a 40 hour work week and requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. Sundays are considered part of the work week as they are the focal point for this role. Due to the nature of this position, flexibility at specific times and seasons to accommodate ministry events is necessary. A basic weekly work schedule will be agreed upon with the Lead Pastor.

Key Responsibilities: Reporting to the Lead Pastor, the Executive Pastor is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of all church staff (with the exception of the Lead Pastor and Worship Director), in the accomplishment of the mission of the church. This will include management of the functional areas of ministry within the church (children's ministry, youth ministry, adult ministry etc.) as well as the operational areas of ministry within the church (finances, human resources, facilities etc.)

Tasks by Responsibility

1. Stewardship and Finance

a. Manage the annual church budget.

b. Develop and execute a long term financial plan.

c. Oversee all stewardship plans and programs.

d. Deliver monthly financial reports to the board and regular financial updates to the congregation.

e. Ensure compliance with all CRA and other government regulations.

2. Facilities

a. Oversee all church building maintenance and operations.

b. Develop a building maintenance and operations plan that will ensure long term building upkeep.

c. Oversee the facility and equipment for rental and internal ministry use.

3. Human Resources

a. Ensure compliance with all relevant labour laws and employment standards.

b. Develop and manage a master staff map that enables the fulfillment of the strategic plan.

c. Ensure effective management of all church staff.

d. Work with the Lead Pastor in the creation, filling and/or termination of staff positions in consultation with and with the approval of the church board.

4. Leadership Development

a. Implement the strategic plan as set by the church board, including the development of goals, strategies, ministry plans and budgets to fulfill the mission, vision and values.

b. Ensure necessary operating procedures are in place to provide structure for ministry plan fulfillment.

c. Hold the staff and ministry leaders accountable to mission/vision-driven ministry.

d. Regularly evaluate and report progress toward achieving the mission, vision and values.

e. Lead all aspects of the business side of the church.

f. Assist members of the pastoral team in annual ministry planning and long term strategic ministry planning that informs the overall ministry plan for the church.

5. Ministry Operations

a. Act as a member of the pastoral team.

b. Perform pastoral functions as required – i.e. weddings, funerals, pastoral counseling, preaching.

6. Ministry at Large

a. Participate appropriately within denominational networks.

b. Serve the community through occasional pastoral involvements, in accordance with church goals and strategies.

Job Requirements

Responsibility to God

Love God with heart, soul, strength, and mind.

Joyfully respond to God's call to ministry and servant leader.

Maintain a fresh relationship with God through appropriate spiritual disciplines.

Faithful steward of financial resources.

Responsibility to Self & Family

Integrity, high moral & ethical character.

Maintain personal health through recreation & relaxation.

Manage financial matters with integrity.

Grow in ministry effectiveness through reading and ongoing education.

Responsibility to Bethany Baptist

A committed Christian and must be a member or become a member of Bethany Baptist Church.

Agrees with the Statement of Beliefs of Bethany Baptist Church and will sign agreement upon acceptance of position.

A commitment to confidentiality of personal information of the congregation and staff.


 Collaborative leader.

 Strong inter-personally.

 Good verbal and written communication skills.

 Good multi-tasker.

 Very organized.

Education and Experience

 Minimum 5 years of experience in a management or leadership role in a business or non-profit environment.

 Pastoral experience would be considered an asset.

 An undergraduate degree in business management or a related field, or equivalent experience.

 A master's degree in biblical studies, theology, or Christian Education would be considered an asset.

How to apply

Please review the requirements, and prayerfully consider your suitability. If you believe you are called to this post, please email your resume in confidence to