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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not.

Many of our listing posters have their own processes in place for that

Sure, you can subscribe to daily email updates that contain new jobs.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our RSS feed

Sure. Just head to your profile page and you'll see a list of posts along with a 'Delete' button. 

You'll be asked if you want to delete before it actually removes it from the system.

Unlike the our default of auto-expiring a listing after 90 days, deleting a listing removes it entirely from the system.

Not to worry, your post has just expired, not been removed. If you head to your profile page, you'll see a list of all posts you've made for your account.

If your post has expired, you'll see a big red 'expired' sticker.

Simply hit the `Edit/Re-enable` button and you can make the post active for another 90 days.

A job posting is active for 90 days from the time you submit it. After 90 days, the post automatically expires.