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Grace Church Residency Program

Job type: Full-time

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Location: Waco, TX Post Date: November 30, 2017


The Grace Residency Program is designed to equip men and women for Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting, and Christian leadership in their lives, homes, and in the world. The Residents will be supervised by Grace Church Pastors and staff while learning practical skills as they play a significant role in leading ministry at Grace Church.

The Residents will deepen their knowledge of God and His Word, actively lead and learn in ministry roles, and be personally developed through individualized coaching and oversight. Residencies are available as part-time and full-time positions.


The residency consists of three primary objectives:

1) Theological Development

Ministry requires theological training and preparation in order to teach and lead well in the local church. All Residents will be required to have completed or be actively enrolled in theological training of some kind: seminary, the Grace Development Program, or another form of training meet this requirement. Throughout each year of the Residency, regular reading will be assigned. In addition, residents will complete New Church Training Modules online as part of their ongoing training.

2) Ministry Experience and Development Residents will function as ministry staff at Grace Church with all associated expectations and requirements. Each Resident will be given some level of oversight and leadership in ministry at Grace Church in order to gain meaningful experience and practice spiritual leadership. Professional skills such as church administration, leading teams, event planning, and public teaching will be strategically developed.

3) Personal CoachingGrowth from theological training and ministry development is best captured through personal coaching and mentorship. Residents will meet weekly with a Pastor-Coach regarding their personal life (character, affections for Christ, personal maturity, life decisions) and ministry development. These coaching sessions will be both individual at times and in groups of residents in order to shape and mold a deeper understanding of Christian ministry.

For Full Time Residents: Theological and Pastoral Development (7-10 hours per week)Ministry Leadership and Experience (15-20 hours per week)Staff Meetings and Training (2-3 hours per week)Administration and Support Raising (1-2 hours per week)Sunday Services (6-8 hours per week)

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