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Head of School

Job type: Full-time

Category: Administrative

Location: Fairfield, AL Post Date: May 28, 2017


This position will serve as head of school for Foundations Early Learning & Family Center, a faith-based pre-school in Fairfield, Alabama


Job Description

Head of School

Job Responsibilities

1. Serve as chief administrator of the school in developing andimplementing policies, programs, curricular activities,and budgets to promote the educational growth of each student and parent orguardian as well as the professional development of each staff member.

2. Implement the goals and mission of the school and develop plansto ensure that the mission, vision, goals, and procedures are carried out byfaculty with minimal input and supervision from the board of directors.

3. Understand early childhooddevelopment and assist faculty and families with early intervention needs.

4. Identify the responsibilities,supervise and manage the accountability of all staff members; developplans for carrying out the school program.

5. Plan and provide activities that facilitate theprofessional growth of the school staff and improve the quality of theinstructional program.

6. Identify the yearly objectives for the instructional andextracurricular programs of the school, including day, after-school, spiritual, parent, and extracurricularactivities.

7. Assist the teachers in the discipline and training of the students.

8. Plan, implement, and facilitate ParentInvolvement Meetings, ensuring supplies, volunteers, books and door prizes areobtained and parent participation goals are met.

9. Facilitate the development of the school toward the full vision ofserving families with children age 0-4 years.

10. Work with theboard of directors to determine if Foundations should expand to other locationsand implement that vision as directed by the board.

11. Ensure thatinstructional objectives are developed,monitored, and met in the day, after-school care, parenting, spiritual, andextracurricular aspects of the program.

12. Involve thefaculty in the development of specific curricular objectives to meet the needsof individual students.

13. Make changesbased on program evaluation data.

14. Supervise andevaluate the performance of school staff.

15. Ensure all appropriate accreditations aremaintained and regulations are met.

16. Work with theboard to determine if additional accreditations should be pursued and acquireadditional accreditations if Board led.

17. Ensure that faculty and staff function efficiently and work as unto the

Lord for His glory.

18. Maintain inter-schoolsystem communication.

19. Establish andmaintain good communication and relationships with students, parents, faculty,partners, volunteers, and donors as well as the surrounding communities.

20. Communicate allnecessary program analyses accurately and efficiently to the board of directors.

21. Obtain board

approval for significant programmatic decisions and changes.

22. Act as a liaisonbetween the staff and the Board of Directors while ensuring all board decisionsand directives are met.

23. Orient andassist new staff, students, and families as they assimilate into the school.

24. Encourage andfacilitate the use of community resources.

25. Interpret theschool program for the community, and maintain communication with communitymembers.

26. Manage,direct, and maintain ordering and records on the materials, supplies, andequipment necessary to carry out the day-to-day operation of the school.

27. Lead, direct,and encourage the faculty, students, and parents in their spiritual growthindividually and corporately.

28. Oversee andparticipate in morning worship.

29. Coordinate orlead family devotions at Parent Involvement Meetings.

Preferred Job Requirements

1. Master's degree or certificate in EarlyChildhood Education Administration or equivalent work experience

2. Five years' experience as a schooladministrator

3. Knowledgeof early child development and early intervention

4. Excellent computer skills and knowledge ofrelevant software

5. Excellent written and verbal communicationskills

6. Ability to create and edit forms anddocuments

7. Highly organized, self-motivated,attentive to detail and accuracy, and able to prioritize tasks

8. Flexible and adaptable

9. Able to assess and solve issues that arise

10. Warm, welcoming demeanor with community, families, children, faculty,board of directors, volunteers, and donors

11. Willing to submit to background checks

12. A heart forthe urban community and a willingness to participate in ongoing training inmatters related to the objectives of Foundations

13. A love for theLord Jesus Christ

14. A commitmentto Christian pre-school education for children and their families

How to apply

Please make application on our website,