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Housekeeping Manager

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: Cary, NC Post Date: November 10, 2017


This position manages housekeeping services, plans, organizes, and directs the housekeeping programs for the organization, including sanitation.


Some of the duties for this position include:

1. Analyzes current offering and services and recommends changes as appropriate.

2. Plans and manages department budget, in consult with Facilities Director.

3. Conducts inspections of work areas to maintain quality control.

4. Manages outside cleaning contractors.

5. Effectively supervises and communicates with a diverse group of staff members.

6. Determines needs and selects product needs (cleaning supplies, etc.).

7. Recommends the hiring of part-time cleaning staff, in consult with Facilities Director.

8. And other responsibilities as determined by the Facilities Director.


1. Must be a Christian and commit to attend Colonial Baptist Church.

2. Supportive of the church's doctrinal statements, leadership agreement, constitution, andphilosophy of ministry.

3. Demonstrates ability to take direction and work independently.

4. Professional in personal presentation and service orientated.

5. Ability to organize and plan with an attention to detail.

6. Reliable in job performance and willingness to take initiative.

7. Tolerant of a workload with the ability to handle interruptions and work under pressure.

8. Ability to perform physical work, related to required maintenance.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

1. Valid Driver's License.

2. Must pay close attention to detail.

3. High school diploma (or equivalent).

4 Management knowledge and experience preferred.

5. Excellent verbal communication skills, friendliness and ability to build good rapport.

Physical and Time Demands:

1. Work full-time (40 hours per week; occasionally schedule may need to adjust for special


2. Requires constant stopping, standing, walking, bending, lifting and carrying heavyobjects (50lbs.).

3. Must possess physical ability and stamina to work.

4. Requires mental alertness and situational awareness.

How to apply


Robert Jenkins

Director of Facilities

Colonial Baptist Church

[email protected]