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K-8 Teacher

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: San Francisco, CA Post Date: August 01, 2017


Empower urban children to excel academically, physically, spiritually, and socially.



  • Develop and maintain a classroom environment conducive to effective learning
  • Work with other teachers and administrator to address and resolve student issues
  • Manage student behavior in accordance with Biblical principles and student handbook
  • Prepare lessons that reflect accommodations for differences in student learning styles
  • Create student intervention plans when necessary for students with additional needs
  • Record accurate and detailed documentation of student achievement and progress
  • Participate in weekly faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required
  • Attend educational conferences and training workshops for professional development
  • Plan and supervise assignments for teacher aides and volunteers
  • Maintain regular communication with students and parents for academic/behavioral progress
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of student progress through formal and informal testing
  • Abide by all state and federal mandates in reporting sexual or physical abuse and neglect
  • Uphold the school's student management policies such as attendance, dress code, etc.
  • Participate in student recruiting sessions and other efforts requiring teacher representation
  • Complete all grading, progress reports, and conduct parent conferences in a timely manner
  • Assist in student events such as Orientation, Back to School BBQ, Talent Show, etc.


  • Agreement with the statement of faith and core values of SF City Academy
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Must pass a fingerprint and background check
  • Bachelor's degree from accredited university and 1-3 years teaching experience

How to apply

E-mail resume to