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Kids Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Children's Ministry

Location: El Dorado Hills, CA Post Date: November 19, 2017


Position Objective

  • To nurture joy-filled kids and families of faith where parents lead their spouses and their children by increasingly modeling the life infused with the joy Jesus brings to those who trust Him.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Building an interdependent community of adult leaders who freely and joyfully work toward accomplishment of the position objective.
  • Creating, executing and refining a strategy for focusing parents on Christ so their children have a real chance to adopt their parents' faith because they cannot imagine anything that would give them more joy.
  • Helping parents realize the importance of strong families, modeling what that means and encouraging unity and connections throughout the whole church.
  • Developing and connecting with adult discipleship ministry systems that are founded on the intentional building of meaningful relationships that function interdependently.
  • Cultivating emerging leaders who work alongside lay and professional leaders.
  • Nurturing a community that is inclusive of families from varied backgrounds and lifestyles.


This pastor will meet the following general requirements:

  • Works, on average, 50 hours per week to accomplishing the position objective.
  • Holds, or plan to complete, a post-graduate degree in theological studies.
  • Holds Evangelical Free Church of America credentials, or is pursuing credentialing, such that an EFCA credential will be obtained within two years.

Fit to Church

  • Organization and Strategy: This position is part of the pastoral team and is accountable to the Senior Pastor with relationship to ministry direction and employment. The position is designed to support the achievement of VG's Mission and Vision. It is a peer to other pastoral staff members, but also has a direct report to the Executive Pastor. The position will have subordinate paid pastoral staff or lay leaders for which it is accountable. About half the effort of this position engages the execution of the functional elements of children's ministries. The other half invests in the development of a leadership community around family and children's ministries.

Candidate Profile

When thinking about what this person is doing now, the following would be good clues that a match is possible:

  1. Is in a church leadership position now, or recently, either lay or professionally.
  2. Is a capable teacher, comfortable one-on-one, in small interactive groups or large, sermon-like presentations.
  3. Has worked through evangelizing and discipling children. Realizes there is a problem with this approach. Can clearly articulate that problem. Has shaped a philosophy of ministry that, going forward, avoids the recurrence of the problem.
  4. Is tech savvy, embraces technology as a means of ministry but not the end.
  5. Can demonstrate, by anecdote and reference, solid one-on-one relational skills.
  6. Is known as leader by colleagues and co-workers. If asked, people he/she has worked with would describe him/her very quickly as a "learner."
  7. Has a healthy family that, within his/her power, demonstrates a productive philosophy of effective family leadership.
  8. Trains, equips and deploys leaders and has a track record to prove it. Can describe the good, the bad and the ugly of things that worked and failed.
  9. Not wholly satisfied, that she/he serves with a pastoral team that will enable spiritual formation to the level they believe is best for families.

When thinking about this person's ministry related challenges, she/he would be:

  • Maybe just a little frustrated that the church can be ineffective at producing the kind of people who, by their nature, do what Jesus said would be good that they do. Perhaps a bit frustrated at overcoming the problem facing families and child evangelism but isn't running from it rather trying to find solutions to the abysmal track record of the church's ability to capture the hearts of its youngest stakeholders.
  • Recognizes that programs are means but, in and of themselves, are weak at producing life change that is deep and lasting.
  • Sold out to the notion that changing lives is the only reason she/he does what she/he does.
  • Infused with a desire to seek God, to enjoy God, no matter where it leads him/her and yet is uneasy at with being caught all too often in the doings of ministry—Mary/Martha Syndrome.
  • Excited and overwhelmed to be used by God to introduce a whole new way of looking at parental roles in discipleship of children to a congregation and parents who have a distinctly different point of view about this specific subject. Challenged to figure out how to do that in a way that creates positive, productive growth in the body.

In the following, this person might think or respond in these ways:

  • Though clear headed on most issues himself/herself, on issues of doctrine and contrary views, is open to questions, for exploration, for an appropriate level of uncertainty.
  • When presented with someone who lacks outward conformity to his/her or the ministry norms, is loving, accepting and nurturing, finds it distasteful to seek outward conformity ahead of inner transformation.
  • Though capable of leading most any group or activity, if given the opportunity to lead or nurture another person in leading, chooses nurturing more and more of the time.
  • Has wrestled with being the upfront person or the project leader and knows now that delegating is better. Understands how to make the hand-off and stay in touch so that a team can function on its own.
  • In situations that go contrary to his/her desired direction, he/she has grown accustomed to making his case clear but not pushing for his direction ahead of those that must go with him/her.
  • Knows that modeling a life committed to walking with Jesus is at the core of discipleship.

Vision and Values

Vintage Grace is growing in its appreciation for what is possible when people come together, shape a vision for their individual lives in God's Kingdom, and then move forward into what He is doing. The following is a summary of the themes which are increasingly permeating VG's ministry structures and activities.

OUR VISION:To build joy-filled communities of faith whose very existence inspires everyindividual to live the abundant Christian life (R3)...

  • r1: A deepening relationship with God.
  • r2: A life-changing relationship with other believers.
  • r3: An engaging relationship with those yet to believe.


  • encourage people to enjoy God together.


  • To be the living proof of a loving God.


  • More joy in Jesus
  • Biblically saturated
  • Transformed in community
  • Culturally embedded
  • Embracing inevitable tensions

How to apply

Please send resume and cover letter to Jarrod Weaver ([email protected]).