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Lead Pastor, New City Church of Calgary

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Post Date: August 08, 2017


Lead Pastor - Vision Casting, Teaching & Gospel Extension

Denomination: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Church Size: 125-150



To help New City Church move to the next stage of our church growth and further our vision and mission, we desire a Pastor who is:

Theologically and Biblical Mature

  • PCA ordained or willing to be ordained
  • Committed to Reformed Standards as Secondary sources to the Scripture.
  • Has a comprehensive grasp and unwavering faithful commitment to the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Strong in the Spiritual Disciplines and Christian Character

  • Demonstrates commitment to both personal and corporate practice of prayer
  • Down to earth, approachable, authentic, transparent and compassionate
  • Descirbed by others as person of integrity, humility and graciousness
Effective Communicator, Apologist and Visionary
  • A proven communicator and team player that recognizes and leverages all the gifts and abilities of broader church
  • Excels in gospel centered preaching and teaching, providing theological and biblical formation for the spiritual growth and maturity of the congregation
  • Wise and adept in speaking to a largely post-Christian secular urban culture supported and informed by practical apologetics
  • Able to engage, motivate and challenge lay leaders and the congregation in fulfilling a compelling vision
  • Understands the culture and times which we live and is able to speak persuasively from a Christian worldview

Missional Mindset, Evangelist and Kingdom Builder

  • Expereince in leading a church from a small to a medium (250+) congregation and beyond
  • Evidences a genuine heart and engagement for those outside the Christian faith
  • A bridge- builder with a movement mindset that can network with other like-minded ministries and churches that are mutually committed to reaching the city.

How to apply

Please send Resume and Bio along with any inquires to