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Location: Jakarta area, Karawaci, Post Date: May 13, 2017


Congregation Profile

Karawaci Presbyterian Church(KPC)

Karawaci Presbyterian Church is an international, English-languagechurch in the satellite city of Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia (25km west of centercity Jakarta). We are a global congregation representing multiple countries andcontinents, and including ex-pats living in Indonesia for mission or workpurposes, re-pats who have returned home to Indonesia from overseas studies orwork assignments, students from across Indonesia and SE Asia, and localIndonesians who want to attend an English-language fellowship.

Our congregation is also diverse in age and stage of life,including senior citizens, families with children, singles, young adults,and university students.

The Lippo Karawaci community is somewhat transient, as mission andwork assignments change; but we have experienced healthy continuity in ourfirst two years as a church which began in the late fall of 2014. Faithfulbiblical exposition and a joyful community draw many to join us for as long asGod calls them to this area.

Each Sunday morning, we oversee two university student chapel worshipservices attended by almost 4,000 students; and we are blessed with theprivilege of worshiping with them through music and the preaching of God'sWord. In our later morning KPC service, which is more oriented tocommunity people, our attendance has grown to over 200. At least 100 community people attend the early services, so that ourcombined KPC attendance from the community is over 300. We have @ 85 actual members of the church in 2017.

On Sundays, we utilize facilities on the university campus forworship services and Bible classes. We also offer Bible classes and smallgroups during the week for fellowship, discipleship, and prayer.

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Senior Pastor Search

Karawaci Presbyterian Church

For a significant and strategic International English-speaking church in Lippo Karawaci, west ofJakarta, Indonesia, the fourth largest population country in the world and thelargest Muslim population country in the world.

An excellent expositional preacher – usually a serial exposition, careful attention to text, biblical theological and Christocentric framework

A wholehearted pastor-shepherd – compassionate and energetic in caring

A leader with vision for community-focused mission -- for KPC now and for future church plants throughout Indonesia

A team-builder – with additional vocational staff and lay ministry

A mature leader, preferably someone with at least 15 years of effective pastoral ministry experience

Godly character and life

A man who has a solid, biblically rooted family, with a wife who fully supports and engages with the KPC ministry.

Demonstrated capability in working inter-culturally, ideally in an Asian culture

Committed to Reformed theology as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms

At least a Master of Divinity degree earned from a recognized seminary, helpful if he has a Ph.D.

Willing to commit at least 5 years to this ministry

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