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Lead Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Cincinnati, OH Post Date: October 05, 2017


Christ the King Church (Eastern Hills) is a four year old church plant that is in need of a lead pastor. This is not a video site. The lead pastor is also the primary leader and preacher for the congregation.


This is a full time position preaching and leadership role in a 4 year old church plant that averages around 100 adults and 25 kids per Sunday. This church plant owns its own facility (it was donated to us).

The CTK Eastern Hills Lead Pastor's job is to embody the DNA of Christ the King Church and replicate it into the lives of the congregation. He is responsible for understanding and stewarding the vision of the church, and for localizing and contextualizing it at the Eastern Hills location. Since the Eastern Hills congregation of Christ the King Church has not yet established a plurality of elders, it is a "daughter" church to CTK Uptown, which is the "mother" church.

The goal for CTK EH is to establish a plurality of local elders and "particularize" into an autonomous church that maintains a strong affinity and relationship with Christ the King Church (Uptown). The CTK Uptown elders will serve as the elder team along with the Eastern Hills lead pastor until qualified men have been affirmed and appointed.

How to apply

The full recruiting packet can be found on our website at

To begin the application process, submit a resume to Include the job you are applying for in the subject line of your email. If you have an Acts 29 Assessment or similar, please send that with your resume. If you are considered for the position, you will hear back from us by November 15th.