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Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Ellsworth, KS Post Date: October 10, 2017


Harvest Bible Church located in Ellsworth, Kansas, is ready for the next season ofchurch growth, salvations, and personal growth in our community. At this time Harvest Bible is looking for a pastor, as our most recent pastor has taken a position with a missions organization/collegementorship agency. Ellsworth is a growing town of 2500, with a surrounding population of close to 1000, and a state correctional facility housing close to 900 inmates. At this time we estimate that a total of 500people actually attend church, with only 250 attending churches that are notliberal in belief. We believe the harvest is very ripe in our community, but we lack a vision and cohesivemission within our church to accomplish.

Harvest Bible Church is currently being pastored by three elders, but is anxiously awaitinga man to cast a vision for both personal growth and evangelism to the communityand world, and the execution of that vision. Harvest Bible Church is an elder run church of 50-80 in weekly attendance. It currently owns outright two buildings, one used as a ministry center/food bank and the other capable of handling up to 200 worshippers.


As our pastor we would look for the following responsibilities to be filled:

1) Serve as the primary teacher of God's Word to our congregation

2) Serve as the spiritual leader of our congregation; setting a standard for walking with God and spurring others on to a similar walk

3) Serve as lead elder; guiding meetings, ensure proper delegation, create accountability for leadership roles in the church

4) Cast the vision for both personal growth, local missions, and world missions

5) Convey and lead the implementation of this vision for personal growth, local missions, and engagement in world missions

6) Be the main source of counseling and pastoral care for the church congregation

7) Conduct funerals, weddings, and baptisms as necessary

8) Develop Mentoring relationships within the church to bring up new leaders and spiritually capable people9) These responsibilities will not reflect the whole of the ministry position, but a general description. Additional responsibilities could arise or be shared within the church as a need arises and dependent upon the gifting and capabilities of the individual.


1) A mature growing believer with Godly character consistent with the guidelines for an elder as outlined in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3

2) Has a practice of a consistent time in the Word and Prayer

3) Holding a high view of Scripture and able to communicate it effectively

4) The desire to develop a heart for the community

5) A man who sees a vision of evangelism and church growth in Ellsworth

6) Willingness to commit long-term to the spiritual condition of Ellsworth

7) Ability to handle conflict biblically and effectively


1) An appropriate level of Bible/Ministry Education. A Seminary degree would be great, but not necessary. Will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

2) Local Ministry Experience or Similar

3) Agreement with the By-laws of Harvest Bible Church

Salary and Benefits:

1) Complete Salary package between 40,000 and 60,000, to be comparable with median income of similar family size in the community.

2) Salary can be divided however deemed appropriate upon acceptance of the job.

How to apply

Please email a resume with references to [email protected]