Job Board

Lead / Senior Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Burley, ID Post Date: November 06, 2017


Salary 42K- 48K depending on experience, also funds for medical, ministry expenses, and relocation


General Responsibilities

Equip the congregation to pursue its Vision by providing primary leadership in the areas of Worship, Discipleship, and Ministry.

Equip the other elders and volunteers, consistent with the framework of CBNW polity, to advance the stated purpose, mission and vision of the church.

Equip the congregation to minister to one another, creating an "every member is a minister" mentality and culture.


Specific Responsibilities


Lead Sunday Morning Worship Services:

Preach 45-48 sermons per year for morning service

  • Determine sermon series, which books to preach through, themes and topics to cover, etc.
  • Delegate preaching to other elders, qualified members, or guests the weeks he doesn't preach

Oversee selection of all music, scripture, technology, and other elements used for morning service

  • Determine which music is theologically sound and fits the style of worship at Calvary
  • Determine which scriptures, announcements, and/or other elements should be included

Decide the "why", "how", and "who" of Sunday morning service

  • Determine why the focus of a particular service is important
  • Determine how the focus of a particular service will be achieved
  • Determine who will participate in a particular service
Other functions include but are not limited to:
  • Sunday evening events, such as a worship service, teaching, or small groups
  • Mid-week events, or small groups
  • Special events at key ministry seasons such as Christmas and Easter
  • Baptisms, Communion, Weddings, Funerals


Model, Equip, Teach:

  • Demonstrate his love and devotion to Christ publicly
  • Lead the other elders to constantly seek God
  • Train the men how to follow Christ and love their families
  • Equip the other elders and leaders with the resources they need to equip others
  • Design and implement a plan to get people from "come and see" to "come and die."


  • Love, Serve, Help:
  • Identify member needs and provide pastoral care along with the other elders
  • Shepherd the flock and provide counseling as appropriate
  • Pray for the sick and visit them periodically
  • Visit members and potential members in their homes periodically
  • Model a life of prayer and insure prayer is maintained as a high priority

How to apply

Required Materials

  • Resume with Cover Letter (Why are you particularly interested in THIS church?)
  • Audio or Video files of two sermons you feel best represent your preaching

Brief statements on each of the following (no more than one page each please). Include scripture references either within the document or as footnotes:

  • What is the gospel?
  • How is a person born again or "saved"?
  • What is your philosophy of ministry? ("how" we do "what" we do)
  • What is your philosophy of worship? (why do we gather; what should "happen" when we gather?)
  • What is your philosophy discipleship? (moving people from "come and see" to "come and die")

Note: Candidates will not be considered who do not include all of the materials requested.

Please send all materials to: [email protected]

We would prefer that audio and video links be online but if that is not possible include them in whatever format works best. If we can't see or hear them and we're interested in you as a candidate we will contact you.

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