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Merchandising Manager

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: Alpharetta, GA Post Date: August 10, 2017


Under general supervision, provides merchandising trends and inventory control as well as operational and administrative supervision of both a brick and mortar bookstore operation and an online store, and ancillary retail services. Oversees and coordinates merchandising tasks for the ministry including design recommendations and inventory control, sales and returns, vendor relations, and related reporting. Supervises temporary customer service/stock management for events as needed.



Identifies trends and opportunities based on analysis of product, consumer and competitive trends in the market and develops seasonal initiatives and strategic line plans.

Utilizes market sources and knowledge to provide clear product direction to the Marketing and design team and works cross-functionally with the product creation team to develop product lines, meet key dates, executing from ideation to consumer experience.

Works as a liaison between design, product development, production, sourcing, marketing, and 3rd party sourcing partners.

Serves as the champion of internal and external product-related communication through teaching/educating all partners and channels and collaborates with them such as 3rd party providers and Customer Care and collaborates with them to better understand customer feedback. Clearlycommunicates the product strategy by creating a product brief that explains the features and benefits of each product.

Monitors inventory levels closely, considering needs of other departments (e.g. ZI events, Still Point events) for resources.

Monitors sales histories of various products to maximize efficiency of retail space and online store offerings (fulfilled through 3rd party provider).

Evaluates suppliers to achieve cost-effective opportunities and continues to grow trusting relationships.

Collaborates with other departments and 3rd party providers to ensure business goals are met annually.

Manages the operation of a brick & mortar store unit and an online store, including purchasing of books, special orders, receiving and shipping, places orders to replenish stock, avoiding insufficiencies orexcessive surpluses in inventory, and analyzes data to anticipate future needs.

Oversees and coordinates the payment of invoices and freight bills on blanket purchase orders,

Prepares and administers the bookstore budget; recommends, implements, and administers operating policies and procedures.

Oversees maintenance of stock, displays, signs, and inventory; manages year endinventory utilizing computer to check for theft and shrinkage.

Represents the organization at various community and/or business meetings, committees, andtask forces; promotes existing and new programs and/or policies.

Assists in recruiting, training and directing volunteers as needed for events including training of volunteers to operate point of sale system, handle credit card sales, treat customers in a courteous manner, and become familiar with merchandise and its location within store.

Manages implementation of special promotions and sales.

Oversees maintenance of point of sale system (Square).

Manages inventory, and makes periodic physical spot checks to ensure that computerizedrecords are being maintained accurately.

Provides weekly sales reports and receipts.

Ensures all reports are sent to Finance in a timely manner.

Ensures all vendors are paid in a timely manner.

Provides quality customer service.

Oversees special orders process.

Assists in researching potential new products to be carried, eliminates all productsthat are no longer selling.

Works with ZI and Research Assistant to determine which products agree with the RZIMstatement of faith and overall theology and mission.

Working with other departments such as Marketing and ZI, plans and prepares for all aspects of special event book table sales and proposed materials for events such as Founders where resource materials will be offered for purchase.

Establishes and maintains relationships with other church bookstore managers.

Other duties as assigned.


Ability to develop and maintain record keeping systems and procedures.

Knowledge and skills of basic accounting and inventory management required.

Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.

Ability to receive, stock, and/or deliver goods.

Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.

Skill in the use of personal computers and related software applications.

Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.

Knowledge of retail floor merchandising and stock control procedures.

Knowledge of publishers and book suppliers and procurement procedures.


College degree preferred.

At least five years of retail and/or business experience is desirable.

Must have management experience with demonstrated leadership skills.

Must have strong computer skills in data base systems and/or point of sale systems, MS Outlook, Word,Publisher and Excel.

Must be professional and have highly developed organizational/administrative abilities with strong attention to detail.

Requires excellent problem solving ability, strong written and verbal communication skills, and a greatcustomer service mindset with both staff and volunteers.

Must have a good eye for design and merchandising.

Must be able to sit, stand, reach, and lift up to 30 lbs.

Evidence of and a commitment to practice a high level of confidentiality.

Must have organizational skills and ability to focus on strategic areas of responsibility

Must be in agreement with and committed to upholding RZIM's Statement of Faith and Statement of Values, as well as its stated Mission and Vision.

Strong, effective written and spoken communication skills with an ability to communicate cross-culturally with an internationally diverse team

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