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Middle East Women's Ministry

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: Middle East, United States, or Europe, Post Date: April 26, 2017


Strategic Resource Group (SRG) is a value-added funder of 140+ indigenous Christian ministries engaged in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and church planting across the Greater Middle East. Our mission is to mobilize people, prayer, and finances into partnership with churches and key ministries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Arabian Peninsula.

Using a proven model built on strategy, relationships, and due diligence, SRG is a funding organization uniquely positioned to serve both donors and ministries in this complex, difficult region – enabling high capacity donors to give wisely, and helping indigenous ministries maximize impact.

Women face unique challenges in the MENA region, and yet are also uniquely positioned to be a significant voice for change. Equipping competent Christian women to provide leadership in ministry for evangelism, discipleship, and training other women leaders is essential.


As part of SRG's Ministry Fund team, the Women's Sector Consultant (SC) is responsible for creating high-impact sector strategies that facilitate wise stewardship and increased ministry effectiveness among women. The Women's SC provides strategic oversight of the "Women's Sector Ministry Fund," a collection of "kingdom investments" (financial donations) in Ministry Partners and Projects focused exclusively on ministry to women. The Women's SC will support women's ministries in growing their capacity to effectively evangelize and disciple women through sector expertise and knowledge of best practices in the region.

In essence, the ideal Women's Sector Consultant is a business analyst/expert with theological depth and significant experience with women's ministry: one who is able to recognize and discern both the biblical faithfulness of ministries and the impact of their ministry, in order to help SRG invest kingdom resources in the wisest and most God-glorifying ways possible, while also supporting the ministries themselves to increase their ministry capacity.

Through strategic thinking, relationship building, due diligence, sector research, networking, and promoting collaboration among women leaders in the region, the Women's SC evaluates and recommends Ministry Partners and Projects that align with and contribute to a high-impact strategy for the Women's Sector Ministry Fund. The Women's SC also participates in Ministry Assessment Trips in the region and faithfully reports on the performance of the Women's Sector Ministry Fund.



  1. Thorough understanding of biblical theology, missiology, and ecclesiology
  2. Proven business and/or women's ministry experience and expertise
  3. Strong ability to build strategic relationships with key leaders
  4. Strong communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written
  5. Willingness and ability to travel in the Middle East/North Africa region
  6. Passionate desire to see the 'earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord' and to see disciples made among the hard-to-reach peoples of the region
  7. Kingdom First mindset, strong work ethic, deep dependence upon the Lord
  8. Fulfillment of the qualifications of deacon (1 Tim 3:8-13), without regard to gender
  9. Agreement with the SRG Statement of Faith (Lausanne Covenant)


  • Relevant language skills – Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, French
  • Previous or current experience living or working in the region
  • Strong technology/computer skills, including Microsoft Office or equivalent
  • Expertise in areas of strategic planning, project management, and/or grant writing


As an essential part of SRG's Ministry Fund team, the Women's Sector Consultant is called to:

  • Manage the overall health and growth of the Women's Ministry Fund
  • Develop a Fund Strategy that aligns with SRG's Strategy Assumptions and Operating Policies, and identify Ministry Partners and Projects that align with the Fund Strategy
  • Develop and annually update the Prospectus for the Women's Ministry Fund
  • Review and analyze available research, surveys, white papers, maps, trends and events, and recommend changes to Fund Strategy and tactics
  • Identify, build and maintain professional relationships with key ministry leaders and emerging leaders related to the Women's Ministry Fund and promote networking and collaboration among ministries operating within the Women's Sector
  • Perform rigorous evaluation of Partners and Projects to ensure alignment with Fund Strategy, completion of outcomes, and fulfillment of MOUs and reporting requirements
  • Conduct in-region Ministry Assessment Trips (typically 1-3 per year per Fund), and attend selected Ministry Partner meetings/events (both domestic and in-region)


  • Location: Virtual Organization (work from home with occasional travel as needed)
  • Schedule/Hours: Part-Time Consultant (independent contractor rather than direct employee)
  • Compensation: Variable according to experience/expertise and number of funds managed
  • Support Raising: None Required (compensation paid by SRG)

How to apply


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