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Ministry Fellow at University of Penn

Job type: Full-time

Category: High School/College Ministry

Location: Philadelphia, NJ Post Date: July 07, 2017


Christian Union seeks a qualified male to serve as Ministry Fellows to students. Ministry Fellows are responsible for ministering to Christian and non-Christian students, overseeing programs and social events, teaching Christian students the Scriptures, and sharing the Gospel with non-believers.


  • Christian
  • Strong devotion to Jesus Christ, holiness, and a passion to make Him known
  • Knowledge of the basics of the faith, as well as the heart and capacity to study and teach complex theological issues
  • In agreement with our Statement of Faith and Ethics


  • Adaptable to the culture of a highly secular academic environment
  • Passion for students to know and follow Jesus Christ, and ability to form friendships with students quickly and easily
  • Excellent communication ability
  • Capable of delegating responsibility to students and coaching them to performance standards
  • Quick learning ability to absorb the best practices of the ministry
  • Strong teaming skills in order to work well with other Teaching and Ministry Fellows


  • Five years' minimum professional experience
  • Ability to meet deadlines, and to work independently to complete tasks
  • Theological training helpful but not required


Responsibilities:• Recruit and teach students the Scriptures in 12-week intensive small-group Bible Courses and in one-on-one settings.• Recruit and coach teams of students to organize outreach, social and other events.• Organize, implement and oversee additional important discipleship and outreach programs, including conferences, evangelistic events, speaker series, and others as needed.• Share the gospel with students individually, as well as in small and large group settings.• Offer hospitality and friendship to students through meals, parties and other social gatherings.• With other Christian Union Fellows at the end of each year, evaluate the effectiveness of ministry programs in order to suggest and implement modifications.• Assume other responsibilities as needed for the sake of the ministry on campus, or for the sake of the overall Christian Union ministry.

How to apply

Email cover letter and resume to opportunities!