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Pastor (Elder)

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Phillipsburg, KS Post Date: April 20, 2017


Calvary Baptist Church is searching for a full-time pastor with a clear calling from God to teach, preach and lead our church according to God's Word. We are seeking an expository, systematic and reformed man who is a skilled Bible communicator; a leader with the ability to communicate clearly with both enthusiasm and passion. Our new pastor must possess a vision of preaching and teaching that will lead to both the spiritual growth of the people and the growth of the church through evangelism and outreach by its members. Key attributes include:

  • The ability to properly exegete the Word of God
  • Preach expository sermons that are both doctrinally pure and practically powerful
  • Teach all Scripture with a focus on the supremacy and centrality of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church
  • A systematic approach to preaching is preferred

Ministers of the Gospel should be full of the Holy Spirit and a good example according to the scriptures. Calvary Baptist desires to adopt more fully an elder-led form of leadership, and desires that its next pastor embraces such an ecclesiology and will actively work toward its implementation, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Any pastor of this congregation must agree and align with the statement of faith adopted by the Calvary Baptist Church and shall become a member of the congregation.


We believe that a person is saved by grace through faith alone and not by anything we have done. Righteousness is imputed to us through a faith that is intellectually and spiritually aware of the Truth, but also one of action through our obedience. We believe that the Scriptures are divinely inspired, the inerrant Word of God and are the only authority to bind the conscience. We believe that we are saved by Christ alone; Jesus Christ being both fully man and fully God, having satisfied all imperatives of the covenant of works through perfect obedience has atoned for the sins of his elect and are our justification by grace alone. Being affirmed that because salvation is of God and has been accomplished by God alone, for from him and through him and to him are all things, to him be Glory forever.

Calvary Baptist Church offers a competitive compensation package, including a comfortable parsonage with utilities, health insurance, and other significant benefits.

How to apply

Interested candidates please send your resume to