Job Board

Pastor for Preaching and Vision

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Duluth, MN Post Date: May 25, 2017




Draft copy, subject to congregational approval

A. Focus: Fulfill God's purposes and vision for Mount of Olives Baptist Church and effectively communicate our purposes and vision to the congregation. Lead the preaching/teaching ministry to ensure that a biblically based message with application is delivered each week. Serve as the primary leader and shepherd of the church under the supervision and with the support and involvement of the other Elders.

B. Qualifications:

Spiritual Leadership

1. Demonstrates a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced in daily life andexhibits the character qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and1 Peter 5:1-4.

2. Gives evidence of shepherding and caring for his own family.

3. Seeks and promotes prayer as a priority, both personally and in the life of thechurch.

4. Is an excellent communicator as a preacher-teacher.

5. Reflects the heart of a spiritual and servant leader.

6. Has experience in the supervision of staff and shepherding for a church our size.

7. Exhibits personal qualities marked by integrity and unquestionable honesty.

8. Earnestly seeks God's will above all other possible motivations.

9. Exhibits emotional health and maturity, is willing to acknowledge limitations and depends upon God each day for His grace.

10. Is knowledgeable and supportive of our elder-leading governance model.

11. Possesses an irenic spirit of cooperation and fellowship within the church body.

12. Demonstrates a passionate, heartfelt love for people who need Jesus and a Christ-like concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

13. Exhibits Christ's love by developing positive and encouraging relationships within the church body.

14. Is called to pastoral ministry with spiritual gifts of teaching/preaching and leadership.

Education and Experience

1. Ordained with a ministerial license.

2. Master of Divinity degree or higher.

3. Demonstrated experience in pastoral ministry, preaching-teaching, leadership and supervisionof staff.


1. Become a member who is committed to the vision, mission, values, Statement of Faith,Constitution, and ministry of Mount of Olives Baptist Church.

2. Committed to a Reformed, baptistic, evangelical theological perspective.

3. Provide strong recommendations and references.

4. Possess a personal background that reflects strong moral and ethical character.

C. Responsibilities:


1. Seek to discern God's message and spend significant time and study to develop and deliver that message.

2. Effectively communicate God's Word primarily through an expository style with clear application.

3. Teach and facilitate seminars, classes or courses for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of Mount of Olives Baptist Church.



1. Lead the Elders in seeking God's direction in order to develop His vision for Mountof Olives, and fulfill that vision in a way that maximizes available gifts andresources.

2. Work with the Elders to accomplish a vision for the church with respect for and incooperation with lay leaders and ministry teams.

3. Oversee the development of a budget for the Elder Board that reflects the annual goalsof the church.

Staff Leadership:

1. Lead, manage and oversee all Church Staff and key volunteer staff for effective ministry.

2. Continually evaluate effectiveness of programs and propose creative ideas for improvement.

3. Provide ongoing discipleship, mentoring and spiritual oversight of Church Staff.

Congregational Leadership:

1. Exhibit strong relational skills and lead within the context of a congregational styleof church governance while being accountable to the Elder Board.

2. Develop working relationships with staff, the Elder Board, lay leaders and volunteers.

3. Oversee the development and training of gifted leaders for ministry.

4. Challenge and inspire the congregation to be transformed personally and corporately by the Holy Spirit.

5. Building on an established foundation of worship, foreign missions, and family ministries, seek to guide our congregation into developing deeper relationships and becoming servant leaders who reach out to our community and world for Christ.


Relational Care:

1. Show evidence of love for people in the community and congregation and thechallenges they face in their lives.

2. Demonstrate hospitality and provide biblical counsel, while caring for those who do notknow Christ.

Congregational Care:

1. Provide counseling/mentoring services as needed.

2. Oversee special services and events such asweddings, funerals, prayer meetings, baptisms, communion, child dedications,and ministry ordinations.

D. Relationships:

1. Reports to the Board of Elders for accountability, support, and communication of ministryprogress and objectives.

2. Functions as a voting member of the team of Elders.

3. Oversees the recruitment, training and supervision of all Church Staff.

4. Meets with Church Staff to provide encouragement, direction, and oversee annualperformance evaluation.

5. Meets withlocal pastors for encouragement and fellowship.

How to apply

Through Converge's Pastoral Placement Process P3

May 24 - June 23 applications are being accepted.