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Pastor of Disciple-Making

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: El Dorado Hills, CA Post Date: November 17, 2017



Objective: To build a community of adults who are disciple-making disciples, wholly sold out to the ultimate joy that comes from fellowship with God, with the community of faith, and with those who would not be followers of Christ but for someone to show them how.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Support the vision of VG through the development of disciples who make disciples, primarily through Life Groups and other means of promoting On-going Spiritual Transformation (O.S.T.).
  • Play a key leadership role in areas of church-wide vision, life groups and teaching. Specifically working with our Senior Pastor leading the teaching team at Vintage while teaching/preaching regularly.

This pastor will meet the following general requirements:

  • Work, on average, 50 hours per week (but not beyond 50) to accomplishing the position objective.
  • Holds or plans to complete, a post-graduate degree in theological studies or in a field related to leadership, human development, or have equivalent experience demonstrating his capacity to fulfill the position objective.
  • Participate in the community life of VG as a member including Life Groups, worship and other key activities so long as these are engaged with increasing joy, and never with obligation. If participation cannot be reasonably consistent, a more serious conversation may be indicated.
  • Hold Evangelical Free Church of America credentials, or is pursuing credentialing, such that an EFCA credential will be obtained within two years.
  • Open to the idea or even has a desire to plant a Church in the next 3-5 years.

Fit to Church

Organization and Strategy: This position is part of the associate pastoral team and is accountable to the Senior Pastor with relationship to ministry direction and employment. The position is designed to support the achievement of VG's Mission and Vision. The position is designed to support the achievement of VG's Mission and Vision. It is a peer to other associate-pastoralstaff members. The position may have subordinate paid pastoral staff or lay leaders for which it is accountable.

Candidate Profile: When thinking about what this person is doing now, the following would be good clues that a match is possible:

  1. Is in a church leadership position now, or recently, either lay or professionally.
  2. Is a capable teacher, comfortable one-on-one, in small interactive groups or large, sermon-like presentations.
  3. Has worked through numerous approaches to discipling adults - some successful, some miserable failures, most mediocre — and is capable of presenting thorough analysis of what worked and what didn't.
  4. Working in an adult discipleship community greater than 300 participating adults.
  5. Can demonstrate, by anecdote and reference, solid one-on-one relational skills.
  6. Is known as a leader by colleagues and co-workers.
  7. Is tech savvy, embraces technology as a means of ministry but not the end.
  8. If asked, people he has worked with would describe him very quickly as a "learner."
  9. Trains, equips and deploys leaders and has a track record to prove it.
  10. Looking, but not wholly satisfied, that he has the pastoral team with him that will enable spiritual formation to the level he believes is best.

When thinking about this person's ministry related challenges, he would be:

  1. At ease that the best use of his talents is yet to come, if he can only find that place where they can be fully and effectively deployed.
  2. Is more than a little frustrated, looking at the broader church in American culture, with its ineffectiveness at producing the kind of people who, by their nature, do what Jesus said would be good that they do. Has the fortitude to pay the price to make a dent in this problem.
  3. Challenged by his inability to get something going that produces actual disciple-making disciples, other than simply more programs.
  4. Is chomping at the bit to mobilize a strategy for growing an effective church to a level of health where it is capable of releasing mature leaders who themselves go and do what he did with them. Intent on investing in leaders a DNA that enriches other communities with disciple makers a lot like himself. {Proven track record of leader development}
  5. Sold out to thenotion that changing lives is the only reason they do what they do.
  6. Humbled that they just recently latched onto the idea in #5.
  7. Infused with a desire to seek God, to enjoy God, no matter where it leads him.
  8. Articulate in describing the process that got him to the point of #7.

In the following, this person might think or respond in these ways:

  1. Is not stressed to help others learn the steps to the dance they are given to do. Is comfortable coaching them through all levels of development, including reassignment to a more suitable role.
  2. Is not discouraged when people fail, but sees failure as a powerful teacher in applied learning. Finds this means of learning exponentially superior to simply telling.
  3. Though theologically settled on most issues himself, on issues of doctrine and contrary views, is open to questions, for exploration, for an appropriate level of uncertainty.
  4. Would measure his effectiveness by the people who have gone on to do things greater than himself.
  5. When presented with someone who lacks outward conformity to his or the ministry norms, is loving, accepting and nurturing. Finds it distasteful to seek outward conformity ahead of inner transformation.
  6. Though capable of leading most any group or activity, if given the opportunity to lead or nurture another person in leading, chooses nurturing more and more of the time. Gives leadership away.
  7. Has wrestled with being the upfront person or the project leader and knows now that delegating is better; but also recognizes leading as his gift. Understands how to make the hand-off and stay in touch so that a team can function on their own.
  8. Is flexible in situations that go contrary to his desired direction, he has grown accustomed to making his case clear but not pushing for his direction ahead of those that must go with him.
  9. Knows that modeling a life committed to walking with Jesus is at the core of discipleship.

The candidate's core character and general expectations include:

  1. Deep and abiding passion for Christ
  2. Being visionary complemented with strategic thinking
  3. Attracts leaders and makes leaders
  4. Teachable, FUN and appropriately transparent
  5. Self-motivated and welcomes accountability
  6. Able to build and manage ministry systems
  7. Has an intimacy, through practice, of spiritual disciplines
  8. Is exemplary of a Christian man in all its various roles
  9. Leads his family with grace and truth, always pointing them towards Jesus

How to apply

Send resume with cover letter to Jarrod Weaver ([email protected])