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Worship Pastor Young Career-Age Singles

Job type: Full-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Spirit Lake, IA Post Date: July 20, 2017


Develop an environment of authentic worship and praise at the CrossWinds Church Spirit Lake Campus through leading worship, developing worship leaders, and encouraging excellence directed toward God our Father and Jesus Christ.

  • Champion the Spirit Lake Campus Adult Ministry.
  • Develop and lead a ministry to young career age singles for our region.
  • Develop and lead summer Saturday night service.


Worship Responsibilities

  1. Support the multicampus vision of CrossWinds Church
    • Spend time with pastors and staff to understand the vision and culture of CrossWinds Church
    • Participate in regular planning for message themes to select music and other relevant forms of worship arts that reinforce the message
    • Collaborate with the Director(s) of Worship from other campuses to foster synergy and creativity.
  2. Build gifted, dynamic, and authentic worship teams
    • Be responsible for leading worship serving the CrossWinds Spirit Lake Campus.
    • Be responsible for overseeing the volunteer leaders, of the Spirit Lake Campus student ministry worship team. Incorporate students into church worship based on giftedness and fit.
    • Communicate a vision for the music ministry and its contribution to drawing people into an active relationship with God
    • Recruit and provide training for individuals possessing musical gifts that contribute to contemporary Christ-centered worship style
  3. Prepare worship for regular and special worship venues
    • Prepare and direct rehearsals
    • Work with the Director of Technology to insure worship technology is prepared and organized
    • Provide opportunities for continuous improvement through regular review and dialogue of worship sets
    • Generate the order of worship and communicate to staff and worship team through Planning Center Online (PCO)
    • Review the effectiveness of music and the worship team with the senior pastor on a weekly basis
    • Participate in Sunday worship leadership
    • Participate in planning and equipping for Easter, Christmas and other special events
  4. Foster a worship style that encourages participatory worship instead of spectator worship
  5. Oversee the care and maintenance of musical instruments

Adult Ministry Responsibilities

  1. Champion Spirit Lake Campus Life Groups.
    • Champion the Life Group vision of sermon based life groups on the campus.
    • Coach, recruit and develop Life Group leaders.
  2. Champion Spirit Lake Campus CrossWinds University.
    • Champion CrossWinds University Classes.
    • Coach, recruit and develop CrossWinds University teachers.
  3. Champion other adult ministries as needed on the campus.
  4. Develop and lead a Saturday night summer service.
    • To leverage the opportunity of living in a vacation community, work with the senior pastor to create and lead a Saturday night summer service designed to reach our resort community with the gospel.

Young Career Age Singles Ministry Responsibilities

  1. Develop and lead the ministry to young career age adults.
    • Create and lead a ministry to reach this segment of our community with the gospel.
    • Develop a team to work in this ministry.

Desired Abilities

  1. The ability to create professional videos for use in various ministries.
  2. The ability to participate in creating stage layouts for visual creativity and teaching reinforcement.


  1. Is a maturing Christian
  2. Is willing to become a member of CrossWinds Church
  3. Affirms the EFCA Statement of Faith
  4. Affirms CrossWinds Core Values
  5. Maintains and continues to acquire cutting edge skills and experience in music.
  6. Formal theological education at the bachelors or masters level.
  7. Communicates a passion for excellence and continuous improvement with a positive spirit.
  8. Demonstrates high level of organizational skills, integrity and confidentiality.
  9. Competent in Apple-based technology
Salary Package
  • This is a full-time position. Compensation commensurate with education and experience.
  • Vacation -- 2 weeks paid per year
  • Health insurance provided
  • Expenses covered include:
  • Mileage associated with responsibility
  • Continuing education per agreement
  • Computer and cell phone
  • Reports to the Senior Pastor

How to apply

Contact Kurt Trucksess at [email protected]

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