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Pastor of Worship

Job type: Full-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Anderson, SC Post Date: August 24, 2017


Imagine a church that understands and practices the Gospel—Christ is crucified redeemer and risen king; both the source and object of worship. Their theology is precise, a summary of which is articulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith. The people seek a lifestyle of praise and thanksgiving all day, every day. Every member is a minister; collectively providing ministries that supplement who the people are, and they are engaging each other in genuine, loving community. That is New Covenant Church in Anderson, South Carolina. We are looking for someone captivated by a spiritual calling to assist us with corporate worship leadership and other ministries. If you would like to explore this, thank you for your interest! We are a congregation of approximately 420 persons born in 1987 and ever growing for the glory of our God. We have a K-2 through 12th grade Christian School ministry in our facilities of over 200 students, and we are essentially living without debt and with room to grow. Looking at the future from here is exciting! By using the title, Pastor of Worship, we seek to emphasize the element of caring for and serving worshiping saints in the necessity of worshiping God according to God's Word. The Worship Pastor is all about seeking to draw the people of God close and closer to God through the grace given him by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Titles like Worship Leader and Worship Director typically imply leading/directing/conducting worship services and personnel without necessarily being concerned for the hearts of the saints and the genuineness of the praise to God. A Worship Pastor has regular opportunity to care for souls, to reveal how the gospel addresses our sin, to protect God's flock from deceptions of the world, and to display the heart-transforming glory of Jesus. A Worship Pastor studies to train the church family in the practical aspects of biblical worship, particularly as it relates to music. He is a shepherd first and a musician second—a genuine worshiper who leads others in why and how we worship the living and true God. The Pastor of Worship at New Covenant Church is a man of God with a pastor's heart, vocal giftedness and musical ability that engages the saints of God in authentic biblical worship. He must be pastoral and passionate in example and able to embrace every worship style God raises up within the local body of believers, training God's people in the biblical nature of worship without stirring up personal preferences or divisiveness.


Pastor of Worship Duties1. Work with the pastors and elders in the development and administration of all worship ministries.2. Promote music ministry using everyone's individual gifts and talents as appropriate through equipping and delegation.3. Take a primary role in planning and leading the worship services providing the kind of balanced, sensitive leadership that maximizes the flow of worship from beginning to end with each aspect of the service complementing the proclamation of the Word of God.4. Establish and promote, as needed, singing groups for all ages in coordination with other ministry leadership.5. Recruit, equip, motivate, oversee, supervise and shepherd music team leaders and musicians along with the technical support staff. These could easily develop into small group leadership.6. Expect and encourage support from the elders by keeping them well informed of your ministries.7. Work continually on developing and improving personal skills. Participation in workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. is encouraged and expected.8. Oversee weekly order of worship, bulletin design and preparation as an aid for worship, fellowship, and outreach.9. When God allows, establish and encourage various musical ministry teams that can provide ministry beyond the present local church in other settings.10. Labor to impart to all church members, through teaching (sound bites and discipleship classes) and by example, the biblical principles and practices of God-pleasing worship.11. Seek to provide a music and fellowship ministry to all age groups within small group settings, retreats, and mission trips whenever the way is clear to do so.12. Plan and oversee special worship services, praise events or concerts on an as needed basis (e.g. Christmas, Easter, retreats).13. Develop ministry budgets and work within the approved budget while overseeing worship equipment needs and technical personnel.14. Utilize fresh and contemporary music and arts that is congruent with being a biblical Christian congregation.15. Attend all church staff meetings prepared to report on ministry activities. Coordinate with all other church staff ministry plans and policies. 16. Schedule, coordinate and seek approval of all vacation days, sick days and personal days as is appropriate to keep ministry staff informed and effective as a team endeavor.17. Assist other church staff when necessary, cooperating fully for the good of the church.18. Build up the other church staff and officers recognizing that any disloyalty toward them cannot be tolerated.19. Seek to maintain the principles of church discipline found in Matthew 18:15-20 and receive no accusations or unedifying remarks of any kind against church leadership or any member of the body of Christ except on the basis of two or three witnesses (1 Tim. 5:19).20. Pray for the staff, members and guests of New Covenant Church.

21. Other duties as directed by the Session of New Covenant through the Senior Pastor.

How to apply

Process of ApplicationIf you believe the gifts and experience God has given you are a good match for New Covenant Church, we invite you to begin the inquiry process. We will handle all candidate information and conversations confidentially. You may contact the Search Team for the Pastor of Worship position at any stage of the process.Please provide Krisy Mortenson via email a current resume or CV for review.Please also send Krisy via email your response to the following:1. A brief biography including when and how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and what difference he makes in your life.2. What about the Pastor of Worship position at New Covenant Church and possibly School attracts you at this time in your life?3. Using what you have learned about New Covenant Church and New Covenant School from the website (, what challenges and opportunities do you see and what skills and experiences in your life lead you to believe that you can be an effective Pastor of Worship at New Covenant Church?4. How do you describe your philosophy of worship, your goals and passions in leading a church in the corporate worship of God?5. Please send us any video links available of you leading corporate worship.In the subject line of your email to Mrs. Krisy Mortenson (, write "Worship Pastor."

Krisy will distribute all you send (Microsoft Word formats for written documents are preferable) to the Search Team upon receipt of your materials. They will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you again for your interest in the ministry of New Covenant Church and your willingness to explore a calling with us.