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Job type: Part-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: PHOENIX, AZ Post Date: April 11, 2017


Section 1 Southern Baptist Temple (SBT) Profile

We are committed to reaching the lost for the Father through introducing those around us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are committed to supporting all our members and friends with unconditional love just as we have experienced the unconditional love and grace of God our Father.

Southern Baptist Temple was once a large church very activein serving and reaching the neighborhood. Over the years, many of our members and friends have moved away and theneighborhood has changed significantly. We are now a small congregation with anaverage Sunday Worship attendance of about 35. Many of those who attend live far from the church. Our worship style istraditional though we have introduced some contemporary music.

Our last pastor retired after 30 years with us. We have struggled through the transition andhave had an interim pastor whose commitment to us ends soon.

Our goal for the near future is to maintain the core group of members and friends and to reexamine our current outreach programs. We want to explore how we can revitalize the work and begin to grow in numbers through new people won to the Lord. We expect outreach and evangelism to be apriority for our new pastor.

We have two part time paid youth leaders. The program encompasses youth from Jr. Highthrough College. There are about 10 people who attend regularly. We holdfund raisers to help our youth with the expense of attending summer camp.

Currently we have the following other ministries:

Sunday School– average attendance of 12

Compassion Sunday – recruiting sponsors for Compassion International

Faith Day – A Community Thanksgiving service

Christmas box – In partnership with Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Association

Fun Fest – A Christmas outreach to neighborhood families

Halloween outreach – Food and activities for neighborhood children

Sunday and Wednesday night Bible Study lead by the pastor

Vacation Bible School – average attendance of 50 plus 15 staff

Outreach to homeless street people.

The demographics of the neighborhood: Mostly Hispanic people many of whom are

active or nominal Roman Catholics. The neighborhood has mostly houses built before 1970 though there are some homes built in the past 10 years along with some apartment complexes.

Salary and benefit package for new pastor: our resources are limited and we are only able to offer about $1500 per month in salary and benefits. No relocation expenses can be provided. We do not have a parsonage.

Section 2 New Pastor Attributes

A man who meets the Biblical requirements for a pastor. A committed follower of the Lord with a vital prayer life. An example of the believer. Able to foster and maintain positive relationships. Able to confront wrong doing with love and caring. A good listener.

A leader who believes in shared leadership. A team builder.

Excellent preaching skills whose sermons are inspiring and uplifting and well-presented keeping people's attention. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Good teaching skills.

A Southern Baptist or someone who supports Baptist doctrine and who is willing to become associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

We are expecting a commitment of at least 15 hours a week plus sermon preparation time.

We prefer someone with a MDiv but will consider those with an undergraduate degree from a recognized Bible College with a major in a ministry area.

We are looking for someone with pastoral experience as a solo or senior pastor. We would like the person to have had some experience in planting or revitalizing churches. We will consider those who do not have this experience.

Age is unimportant but we are looking for some with vitality and energy who is committed to leading us in meeting our goals.

How to apply

Section 3 What to Submit When Applying.

After reading the SBT profile, your vision statement for being the pastor at SBT. Details please.

Family history.

DVD or CD of one or two of your sermons if available.

Current references who can speak to your skills as a pastor.Resume if not already submitted.

Are you able to raise some of your own support or find a job to supplement your income from SBT?

Please submit materials to:

Pastor Search Committee

Southern Baptist Temple

PO Box 8699

Phoenix, AZ 85066

Or by email: