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Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Watertown, WI Post Date: November 09, 2017


Watertown Community Church is a conservative, non-denominational, independent Bible church located in the heart of the city of Watertown, midway between Milwaukee and Madison in southeastern Wisconsin. We are prayerfully seeking a full-time Pastor who will passionately lead and teach the congregation through expository preaching and faithfully shepherd a flock of about 60-70 people.

The ideal candidate will be called by God to pastoral ministry and will have demonstrated a commitment to defending solid biblical doctrine. He will fulfill his pastoral responsibilities through the ministry objectives of praying, teaching, reaching, and caring. He must adhere to the biblical standard described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4, Titus 1 and Ephesians 4:11-12. We desire a Pastor who will protect our church body from false doctrine through sound teaching from God's Word. He will be responsible for general oversight of the spiritual welfare of the church body and participate on the board of elders to assure that the ministry objectives are met.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Seminary or Bible College training

• Experience in pastoral leadership

• Strong administrative skills including fiscal responsibility

• A demonstrated heart for the lost and the broken

• A passion for discipleship

Interested parties should send a resume by December 31, 2017 to [email protected]


General Description / Job Summary The Pastor shall oversee all regular services of the church. He shall devote himself to an engaging, convicting pulpit ministry that has a primary focus on expository teaching of the Bible.

The Pastor shall be responsible for the general oversight of the spiritual welfare of the church body.


The Pastor shall have sufficient education (College, Bible College, Seminary, etc.) as the Elder Board shall deem necessary at the time of hiring. The Pastor shall have sufficient knowledge of the Scriptures to properly perform his job duties. He shall properly demonstrate his abilities to teach, communicate and manage other people in a group work environment.

The Pastor should have an aptitude for, and a willingness to provide (in concert with the elders, staff, and ministry coordinators) administrative oversight in each area of church ministry, including the budget and other financial matters.

Duties, Responsibilities and Objectives

The Pastor has the responsibility and authority to implement the shared vision of the Elders, ensure the church does not stray from the Statement of Faith, ensure to his best ability that the body remains strong in the Word of God, caring and loving one another as a body of believers.

The Pastor is responsible to preach Sundays and other times the Elders deem appropriate, with a primary focus on expository teaching of the Bible. The Pastor is expected to spend the majority of his work time preparing for his pulpit ministry, to teach the truths of Scripture in an uncompromising manner.

The Pastor shall decide what portion of Scripture, or subject, to teach at any given time. He is responsible to secure substitute preaching to accommodate planned absences (with Elder Board assistance as needed).

The Pastor shall facilitate monthly Elder Board meetings, as well as the business meetings of the church.

The Pastor shall be responsible to maintain a healthy balance of time between his family and his work. As well, he is to do everything possible to maintain his personal well being physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a rule, he shall work no more than fifty hours per week, including no more than three evenings per week. He shall take off his designated vacation time regularly to refresh himself and his family.

The Pastor is encouraged to engage himself in continuing education both formally through programs and informally through selected readings. He is also encouraged to meet regularly with peers of his choosing for mentoring and accountability.

The Pastor shall be accountable to the Elder Board to fulfill the duties, responsibilities and objectives described above, as well as future matters as shall arise from time to time.

Support staff shall serve under the direction of the Pastor. It is the responsibility of the Pastor to see that each individual is properly trained and functioning in such a way as to promote a caring, harmonious and productive atmosphere.

The Pastor shall be responsible to oversee all church ministries to ensure they are functioning according to the Statement of Faith. He will meet with ministry leaders as often as he deems necessary to ensure communication, proper planning and spiritual harmony in each ministry.

How to apply

Send resume by email to [email protected] by December 31, 2017. Qualified resumes will receive a follow-up application.