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Pastoral Resident / Worship Leader

Job type: Part-time

Category: Worship Ministry

Location: Indianapolis, IN Post Date: April 19, 2017


Living Faith Church is a small church located on the rapidly-growing west side of Indianapolis. Affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the church maintains a strong commitment to God's Word and a deep desire to see others know Christ. The lead pastor is currently the only staff, and the congregation is primarily made up of both an older core and an increasing number of young families.

Founded in 1964, the church is currently going through a revitalization, having hired a new pastor in June 2016. The pastor is a graduate of Bethlehem Seminary and is seeking to shepherd the church toward a more gospel-centered and 9Marks-friendly model of ministry. This pastoral residency would play a significant role in that effort.

The position is a 2-year residency, beginning Summer 2017. The church is looking for a man seeking to gain valuable, hands-on pastoral experience and training while serving a congregation in the midst of revitalization. The primary responsibility would be leading corporate worship, but the role would also include opportunities and responsibilities in several areas of the church. The resident would work alongside the lead pastor in both the day-to-day details of ministry as well as thinking through strategy, implementing vision, and shepherding the church.

Please note: the church is currently in the process of changing names and updating its website, so information on the existing website is not current.



  • Lead corporate worship
  • Plan corporate worship services in conjunction with lead pastor
  • Various administrative & communications responsibilities
  • Opportunities to:
    • preach several times throughout the year
    • teach in various settings
    • counsel
    • assist with baptisms, weddings, funerals, and hospital visits
    • disciple other believers
    • Weekly meetings with pastor designed to help the resident grow spiritually, pastorally, and as a leader. Meetings would include reading and discussing various resources, as well as opportunities to accompany pastor to various events for pastoral development.

Job Details

  • Compensation: $1,250 per month
  • Resident would need to work a steady part-time job or raise support for any needed additional funding. (Job networking or support coaching available)
  • Should circumstances permit, this role could develop into a full-time, ongoing position.
  • Candidate must be able to affirm both the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement.

How to apply

For more information or to apply, please contact Pastor Dan Weller at If applying, please include cover letter and copy of your resume.