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Senior/Lead Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Oxford, MS Post Date: September 14, 2017


Christ Presbyterian Church, PCA, in Oxford, Mississippi is seeking its next pastor to lead the church as it seeks to be a home for those who have found hope in Christ and a place where that hope is offered to all. CPC is a body of around 350 members and their children and has been in Oxford, Mississippi for just over twenty years. By God's grace, the next pastor will have the following qualities:

Personal piety. Of course, we are looking for someone whomeets the biblical qualifications of the office of elder (I Timothy 3:1-7;Titus 1:5-9; and I Peter 5:1-4). We also need someone who is beyond reproachand has great humility.

Confessional. We embrace the Westminster Confession ofFaith as the denomination's constitution and value the purity and the peace ofthe church founded on orthodoxy. We also embrace the church/kingdom distinctionand recognize the church's unique role in its obligations to preach the Word,administer the sacraments, and practice biblical church discipline. We want a pastor who embracesunapologetically our confession, but seeks to explore, understand, and teach tous the ways God's Word and the Gospel of Jesus meet our 21st centuryneeds.

Preaches the whole counsel of God. We want our nextpastor to show us the hope we have in Christ and to equip us to be aGospel-home for the hurting. We want someone who exposes God's Word for us, whounderstands how to be a herald of the Good News. We want a pulpit ministry thatteaches us how the Bible is One Story – the story of God calling a people toHimself. We want a pastor whose humility is evident from the pulpit, whoshows us how the message he is preaching is bringing healing to his ownbrokenness. We want a pastor who understands the questions our childrenand the 21st century culture are posing to the Gospel.

Leadership, vision, and organizational health. We need a pastor who is an effective leader, who understands and casts vision, who can lead us towards accomplishing that vision, and who is developing leaders (officers, staff, and others) to accomplish that vision.


General Responsibilities:

Word and Prayer

  • Pulpit ministry/sermon preparation
  • Prayer
  • Studies aimed at growth in ministry of Word and prayer

Vision and Leadership

  • Embrace/promote/cast vision for all levels of ministry and church life at CPC
  • Lead and shepherd Ruling Elders and Deacons
  • Lead and shepherd staff
  • Moderate Session meetings

Congregational Care

  • Shepherding the CPC flock: Pastoral care / Discipleship / Church discipline

Larger Church Government

  • Participate in Presbytery and General Assembly

How to apply

To apply, please provide a ministerial data form (MDF) and resume to [email protected]

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