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Location: Belleville, Ontario, Post Date: May 09, 2017


SENIOR PASTOR - Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Belleville, Ontario is seeking a senior pastor with the coming retirement of our long-time senior pastor in November. Maranatha is church home to about 800 people, including 543 members (including baptized and confessing). The congregation was formed in 1953 as part of the post-war Dutch immigration, but today over half the people who call it their church home are from non-Dutch, non-CRC background, a shift that began about 20 years ago through the Alpha program at that time. Demographically, the core of the church is between the ages of 40-60 with about an equal number of seniors and young families on either end of the age spectrum.

Maranatha's vision is to be a biblically functioning community through which God's redemptive purposes for the world can be realized. The church's mission is to reach the lost, restore the broken, equip the saints and release the workers. The church emphasizes discipleship, including dealing with the deep things in our lives that keep us from being able to love God and each other. Maranatha has a heart for the lost and the broken, strongly believing that the gospel is good news for the most broken of the broken. One of our key values is authenticity.

Maranatha also places a high value on authentic worship. The church's worship style is praise and worship, blending contemporary songs and traditional hymns but with an emphasis on contemporary worship.

Thanks to Alpha Holy Spirit weekends and hosting regional Dunamis conferences (provided by Presbyterian and Reformed Renewal Ministries International) in the late 1990s, the congregation has grown in knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit in life, ministry and prayer. We believe in the full range of spiritual gifts, including the charismatic gifts, although we practice the charismatic gifts in a low key way. We have a church culture that expects the Holy Spirit to move among us.

The new senior pastor will lead a team of eight full-time and part-time ministry and support staff, and provide vision and direction to the congregation in partnership with council. Staff members currently have all been raised up from within the congregation based on skills and gifting. At this point, the senior pastor is the only ordained clergy, although the assistant pastor functions as lay clergy.

The core of the congregation is the boomer generation, but he must be able to understand and speak to the millennial generation. The new pastor must believe that Jesus still changes lives, having experienced that in his own life. He must understand and not be afraid of brokenness in people's lives. His preaching must be solidly biblical in the Reformed tradition, led by the Holy Spirit and preached with conviction, relating it in practical ways to everyday life. He must know the reality of the Holy Spirit in his own life.

Our facility was built in 2008 and looks and functions like a public building - we rent to many community organizations in an effort to serve our community and build bridges to it. We currently have about 500 in worship on a Sunday morning with seating for about 750. Total capacity is 1,0000.

Belleville is a small city of about 50,000 in Eastern Ontario on the Bay of Quinte about two hours drive east of Toronto. The region includes a mix of farming, light industry and commercial businesses. The population is mostly Western European Caucasian, but has been growing in ethnic and religious diversity in the last 10 years.

For more information (including a church profile) or to submit an application and/or resume, send an email to:

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Job description will depend on the candidate, but will include the following:


The senior pastor of Maranatha must have a clear vision of what the Christian life should looklike and the role of the church in living that out. He must clearly understand the evangelical message of the gospel and have experienced its power in his own life. His own walk must be governed by a passionate and growing relationship with the Lord and he must have a deep desire to see people come into a living relationship with God.

He must resonate with the heart of Maranatha and be committed to the church's vision and missionas it has unfolded here over the years. He will be called not only to continue the church's calling, but to build on it to further accomplish the purposes of God in this church.

He will bring his own unique heart, gifts, and skills to the senior pastor position that will enable him to further Maranatha's calling as we enter a new season as a church community. Sharing our values, he must be able to lead the church effectively with authenticity and integrity, bridging cultural gaps as we seek to love the lost and build covenant community that is conformed to the image of Christ,where others can also experience the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ at work in their own lives and in community.

Leadership Qualities:

The senior pastor needs to exhibit the 4 "C's" of effective leadership:

1. Character in the leader (which generates trust on the part of the followers).

2. Conviction in the leader (which helps the congregation discern its purpose and conviction).

3. Competencies in the leader (which help a congregation function as a healthy system—i.e., deal with the normal anxieties and conflicts of communal life in healthy and productive ways).

4. Confluence of leader, congregation, time, place, ministry opportunity, and resources that is a gift of God's Spirit and that enables a leader and a congregation to work joyfully together in realizing God's purposes.

These leadership qualities must be supported by excellent relational and communication skills that will enable him to envision, organize and manage the staff and ministries of Maranatha Church. By equipping and motivating individual persons, he will also be mobilizing the church, as the body of Christ.

Other Qualities & Personal Values

· Love for God and the gospel

· Love for people, including the broken and lost

· Integrity

· Authenticity and appropriate transparency

· Vision and courage to pursue it

· Work as a team with council and lead the staff team

· Relational


Primary Duty: To minister to the congregation of Maranatha Church, providing leadership to the congregation and to staff in ministering to the congregation and reaching out to our community. There will be an emphasis on preaching and leading worship services, directing staff, pastoral counselling and/or mentoring and vision setting.

Key Responsibilities:

· Weekly sermon preparation and preaching.

· Leading worship services.

· Working with council and staff to provide vision and direction to the church.

· Overseeing development of policy with staff and council.

· Ensuring that pastoral care takes place in the congregation (although most visitation and pastoral care is done by volunteers in the congregation).

· Administrative duties (attend bi-monthly council meetings, other church meetings as necessary, paperwork etc.).

· He may not participate directly in mentoring (counseling) as part of the church's Restoration Ministry, as the current senior pastor does, but we would expect him to have some experience of God's healing of brokenness in his own life and to bring something unique to it from his own experience, calling and gifts.

· Overseeing and directing staff, including staff hiring and termination in consultation with council.


Reports to council on a monthly basis.

Salary and Benefits:

To be negotiated, based on qualifications and experience. Also to be negotiated would be whether the pastor and his family would live in the parsonage or purchase their own house.

How to apply

After looking at our church profile, please submit an application and/or resume via email to: