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Shepherding Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: Other

Location: Birmingham, AL Post Date: June 08, 2017


Briarwood Presbyterian Church, PCA, is seeking to hire a full time Shepherding Pastor. The Shepherding Pastor will provide shepherding leadership with a team, in order to shepherd our Church of about 4200 members. He will shepherd around six Congregational Communities (500-600 people); serve as a Community Pastor in two Congregational Communities; lead Community Pastors; and work closely with lay shepherds. He will invest his time in the spiritual growth of members, assure pastoral care needs are met, facilitate member involvement, and the assimilating of new members. He will serve on the Shepherding Pastor's Team. A Master of Divinity Seminary degree is preferred and he will be either ordained or ordainable in the PCA. He should have experience in shepherding within a Church and experience in leading staff and volunteers. He will also serve on the Staff leadership Team, attend Session Meetings and be responsible for Church ministry responsibilities.



EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE - Master of Divinity Seminary degree preferred; ordained or ordainable in the PCA; experience in shepherding within a Church; and experience in leading staff and volunteers SKILLS – Shepherding – ability and capacity to shepherd up to six Congregational Communities (about 500-600 people); Pastoral Leadership – Relational skills, management skills, pastor's heart to shepherd, and to lead multiple staff and volunteers in the shepherding ministry; Administrative and Management skills –ability to do multiple tasks, assertive enough to minister to people and accomplish tasks, set goals and priorities, handle expenses and budgets, and direct volunteers; Computer literacy – basic typing and computer skills, necessary to work in a windows environment.



1. Shepherd - Shepherd over his group of Communities, along with his Community Pastors, implement our shepherding plan in Congregational Communities, invest in the spiritual growth of members, assure that pastoral care needs are met, facilitate member involvement, and the assimilating of visitor and new members.

2. Shepherding Leadership - (a) Oversee meeting the shepherding needs in each community; (b) encourage, resource, and develop the Community Pastors to effectively lead their Team Leaders, Shepherding Elders, Mentors, and InReach Mercy Deacon in their Community; (c) represent his group of Communities on the Shepherding Team Commission (STC) with his Shepherding Team Elder; (d) Coordinate the meeting of mercy needs with his lay leadership team and the InReach Mercy Deacon.

3. Community Pastor – Serve as the Community Pastor in his assigned Communities. To be active in shepherding in his community; making sure the Community has an effective and proactive shepherding plan; work with a lay leadership team in order to develop and maintain Biblical Community; communicate information to the Community Leadership that is helpful and needed; and serve on the Community Pastor Team.

4. Shepherding Pastors Team – Serve on the Shepherding Pastors Team and the Shepherding Team Commission.

5. Church Responsibilities - Serve on the Staff Leadership Team, attend Session Meetings, teach Sunday School as available and requested, serve as the Point Man (Pastor on call) when requested, and faithfully fulfill any other assignments.

How to apply

An interested candidate should inquire with resume to Janet Norden at or for more information call 205-776-5282.