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Student Minister

Job type: Full-time

Category: High School/College Ministry

Location: Iowa Park, TX Post Date: April 03, 2017


Faith Baptist Church411 S Wall St. Iowa Park,

Student Minister Principal Function:The Student Minister shall develop and oversee a well-balanced program for students designed to win the lost to Christ and help Christians mature in Him.


Qualifications:- Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and have taken the step of believer's baptism.- Maintain a strong personal walk with Christ through the daily practice of Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines.- Meet the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.- Have at least one of the education paths listed below:1. Obtained or pursuing a Bachelors degree in divinity, theology, student ministry, student guidance, or other faith-related education.2. Obtained or pursuing a Bachelors degree in another field and at least two years' experience in a Southern Baptist student ministry. (This may include experience of high school years in a Southern Baptist Youth Group).

Primary Responsibilities:Develop and maintain a scheduled program of spiritual guidance and education for students in accordance with Southern Baptist beliefs and sound doctrine. The Student Minister shall:- Relate students to the overall life of the church and the church to the needs of its students. Strive to enlist the students in worship, Bible study, prayer, and other Christian disciplines.- Conduct weekly services and/or ministry activities.- Foster, promote, and actively participate in student programs and activities that provide spiritual growth and fellowship, such as mission opportunities, camps, retreats, community services, associational and denominational events.- Establish a regular program of outreach for and with the students in cooperation with the overall church outreach program. Train students in outreach, discipleship and evangelism. Visit the middle school and high school campuses, have personal contact with students at school approved times. Maintain one-to-one contact with individual students with an emphasis on reaching not just the students but the entire family.- Counsel students and/or their parents on issues relating to salvation, social/family relationships, and overall spiritual life. Be available to listen to and love our students.- Encourage students to participate in other church programs, to include Sunday school, youth group, missions and other activities sponsored by the church.- Provide recreational and fellowship opportunities for students and/or other church members in alignment with overall ministerial strategy- Implement changes in the students ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, materials, programs, curriculum, and education methods (in coordination with Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee).- Work to enlist and train adult workers. Motivate, instruct, and coordinate the activities of adult workers. Ensure adult workers are trained to lead students to salvation and to nurture them in Christian discipleship. Ensure adequate adult sponsors are present for all student programs and activities.

Other Responsibilities:- Attend church-wide activities/functions and extracurricular activities to develop rapport with the community and all students, not just the students of Faith Baptist Church. Be an active and visible member of the community.- Evaluate and review the student program annually with the Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee. Ensure program is effective and reaching students and their families for Christ.

Administrative Duties:- Utilize a record-keeping system (preferably electronic) for all student ministry related information.- Work closely with the church staff to carry out the church student program and prepare an annual budget for ministry needs. Administer the approved budget according to church policy.- Be responsible to the church for expenditures, submission of receipts from expenses, cash allowances and surplus cash at the end of trips, events and activities to ensure budget compliance.- Oversee Student Ministry fundraising efforts

Relationship to Senior Pastor and Staff:- Responsible and accountable through the Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee of the church- Participate in weekly staff meeting as a member of the church ministerial team.- Recognize the Senior Pastor as the administrator of the total church program.- Duties may be modified for the benefit of church and staff as directed by the Senior Pastor/Personnel Committee.- Assist the Senior Pastor and staff in evaluating the total church program and its needs.- Assist in hospital and funeral home visitation.- Other duties as assigned.

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