Job Board

Student Ministry Director/Pastor

Job type: Full-time

Category: High School/College Ministry

Location: Orlando, FL Post Date: April 01, 2017


Orangewood is looking for somebody who loves Jesus, loves students and is excited about pursuing both with all their heart. They should be eager to see the Kingdom of God advance in the life of a teenager, through relationship and a deepening understanding of the gospel of grace. Although we depend on the Spirit to do the work in the heart of our teenagers, this role is vital in pursuing, equipping and teaching our students towards a greater understanding of God's story and His love forthem.

Additionally we are seeking someone with the following qualifications:

-A growing commitment to the Christian faith, specifically in the gospel of grace,and to serving God through the discipleship of students and families.

-An ability and desire to connect to teenagers in today's world

-Seminary degree preferred.

-At least five years of significant, successful experience in developingstudent ministries programs in a medium or large congregational setting ispreferred.

-Proven success in the recruitment, development and management of a staff team andvolunteers.

-Good work/life balance and ability to maintain gospel renewal and vibrancy in their everyday life.

-Able to work flexible hours and maintain confidentiality in appropriate settings.


Ministry responsibilities:

-Leading and organizing effective student growth opportunities through the use of community, fellowship, worship, biblical studies, discipleship, and evangelism, as well as, ministry and mission opportunities.

-Pursuing, investing and engaging relationally with students personally and through the Student Ministry team.

-Creating fun, and meaningful opportunities for students to connect and grow together.

-Maintaining contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities. Keeping parents updated on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.

-Creating engaging and relevant opportunities to partner with, connect and support parents as they navigate raising teenagers.

-Providing biblical shepherding, and spiritual direction to team leaders and students on an individual, and as needed basis.

-Partnering with Orangewood Christian School to create effective platforms for all students to grow in their knowledge, and love of Christ (equipping students to become, and make disciples).

How to apply

Covers Letters and resumes should be sent to Dave Gambrell