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Teacing Elder

Job type: Full-time

Category: Associate/Executive Pastor

Location: Phoenix, AZ Post Date: April 03, 2017


Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Phoenix (SGBC) is seeking to call a full-time teaching elder/pastor. We currently have two full time pastor/teaching elders and one is retiring. We also have two lay elders. Ministry responsibilities and opportunities are be divided among the four elders based upon gifts, life experiences, desires, workloads, and availability. All elders are considered as equals in authority and responsibility as regards leadership and decision making.

Please visit our web site - - and review our statement of faith andother information regarding SGBC. We adhere to the majority of the LondonBaptist 1689 confession. Where our convictions differ is detailed in our modifications document. We are looking for someone who is an experienced father and has raised children into or through their teenage years and considers shepherding and counseling, along with teaching and preaching, as an integral part of pastoral ministry. This is a full time salaried position with full family medical benefits.

If after reviewing the information on our website you desire to apply please sendan electronic copy of your resume to Pastor John Tock, We arepresently screening resumes and will send you a complete application packet andquestionnaire if we are considering you for this position. We will also promptly inform you if we are not considering you.