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U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain

Job type: Part-time

Category: Senior/Lead Pastor

Location: Multiple locations throughout the U.S. , Post Date: June 27, 2017


Army Chaplain - Civilian Minister - (Reserve Duty)

You're already busy in the life of your faith community. You have a clear calling where you currently serve, but you want to serve your nation. Why not expand your ministry right where you are without moving and serve our nation's Reserve Soldiers? As a Reserve Chaplain, you'll be a preacher, a teacher, a counselor and a Citizen-Soldier. You'll serve the spiritual needs of the people in your community without leaving your current vocation.

Army Chaplain - Part of a Team

All Army Chaplains are coupled with an enlisted soldier known as a Chaplain Assistant. Together they form the Unit Ministry Team (UMT). To military types they're simply referred to as the UMT. The UMT is inseparable in duty. Due to the non-combatant status of a Chaplain, the Chaplain Assistant is responsible for the security of the team. Fully trained in Soldier tasks and religious support matters, the Chaplain Assistant rounds out the ministry of the UMT.

Army Chaplain - Faith Distinctive

Army Chaplains are expected to observe the distinctive doctrines of their faith while also honoring the right of others to observe their own faith. The Army is a pluralistic environment. Rabbis, Ministers, Imams and Priests serve our Soldiers with conviction and commitment. While serving their own faith groups in the Army, chaplains also ensure and provide the means for others to observe their own faith in accordance with US law and regulations.

Army Chaplain - Army Family

While Soldiers are at the heart of a chaplain's ministry, chaplains are also responsible for caring for the Soldiers' families, and may often find themselves serving the spiritual needs of sailors, marines, or airmen. Whether it is leading worship and preaching, administrating the sacraments, counseling young couples, establishing education classes and youth groups, or working with parish and congregational advisory groups, the Army Chaplain is never spiritually AWOL.

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