Assistant Pastor of Outreach and Administration

at Friendship Community Baptist Church

About this role

The Assistant Pastor supports the Senior Pastor in equipping church members to accomplish the Friendship vision and mission. The position involves utilizing pastoral gifts to administrate and manage the church by enabling the congregation to effectively reach out into the community.


Specific duties include (listed roughly in order of importance) 

- Collaborate with the Pastor and Elders to discern and implement God’s vision for Friendship   

- Build relationships with community leaders, discerning outreach and ministry opportunities. Equip and encourage church members to engage their community and friends with the gospel

  • Lead in church-wide outreach efforts. Identify needs, find ways to meet them, help us share the gospel
  • Assist each growth group in identifying and meeting needs in its community. Equip each growth group to share the gospel
  • Lead evangelism and outreach training. Equip members to run outreach oriented growth groups utilizing the Seamless or Christianity Explored curriculum
  • Prepare the church to lead a church plant, other/multi-campus or church revitalization project. Identify current plants or revitalization projects the church can partner with to learn from and prepare for our own planting/revitalization work 

- While taking responsibility for the administrative aspects of church ministries, seek to disciple, enable and equip lay members to accomplish the bulk of the ministry. Serve in a supporting and directive role, encouraging the members to identify and develop their spiritual gifts, passions and callings

  • Effectively administrate the church business matters, including insurance, vendor contracts, purchasing and other duties as assigned
  • Administrate, manage and collaborate on the church budget, including development, oversight and tracking through the year. Oversee expenditures and work closely with the ministry leaders, church treasurer and elder of finance to ensure the expenditures accomplish the vision of the church and meet and maintain financial discipline
  • Oversee event planning/master church calendar, especially major ministry events and the requisite planning. Support the ministry leaders with reminders and other aids to ensure excellence in every ministry
  • Ensure the church children’s ministries, policies, volunteer screening processes and security procedures conform to best practices and take every reasonable effort to protect the children and church members 

- Fill in for and assist the Senior Pastor as needed, including pulpit supply, teaching, visitation, counseling, evangelism and discipleship 

- Serve in whatever capacity is needed to enable Friendship to accomplish its mission of bringing people to Christ and developing them into fully devoted followers of Jesus. 

How to apply

Interested candidates should peruse the church website and follow the applications instructions there.

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