Office Manager

at Horizons International

About this role

Job Description:  Office Manager – Boulder, Colorado


The Office Manager is responsible to administer financial and organizational parts of Horizons International’s ministry at the Boulder, CO facility. 

General Duties

  • Responsible for the financial and organizational administration of Horizons International at the Boulder, CO facility.
  • Participate in the President’s leadership team meetings.


Specific Duties

A. Finance & Budgeting

  • Manage the finance and accounting functions, including donation receipting, expense report approval, purchase and payables functions.
  • Ensure that the end of year receipts are mailed out by 20 January each year.
  • Conduct monthly reviews of staff accounts and salaries.
  • Assist the Executive Director in periodic financial reviews, and coordinate the annual budgeting process.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports to the Executive Director.


B. Human Resource Management

  • Lead the development and maintenance of staff job descriptions.
  • Conduct periodic performance reviews of Boulder staff
  • Participate with HR team in the screening, approval, and on-boarding process for staff and internship candidates.
  • Maintain the Horizons International Staff Manual, and approved personnel policies.
  • Assist the Director of Member Care with support development of staff and interns.


C. Building Operations

  • Oversee building maintenance and function of kitchen
  • Review the meal plan expenses against the approved budget.
  • Determine projects, in conjunction with the facility manager, where volunteer effort might be used, seek volunteer assistance, and manage volunteer projects.


How to apply

Please enquire at: https://www.horizonsinternatio...

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