Student Ministries Pastor

at BridgePoint Bible Church

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BridgePoint Student Ministries

We seek to make mature Christian disciples of middle school and high school students through clear biblical teaching, deep relational investment, and a culture of evangelism and service. In this disciple-making mission, we are committed to equipping and partnering with parents while serving as an arm of the entire church body. We aim to see each student transition into young adulthood with a sincere faith in Christ, a robust Christian worldview, and a heart to love and serve others in Christ-like ways.

Core Pursuits of BridgePoint Student Ministries

  • Biblical Teaching: Teach the Scriptures with accuracy, clarity, and relevance.
  • Relational Investment: Love each student with intentional pursuit and winsome kindness.
  • Discipleship Culture: Cultivate and organize a culture of spiritual investment for all students.
  • Parental Equipping: Equip parents to love, teach, and disciple their adolescent children.
  • Worldview Training: Train students in worldview, apologetics, and practical evangelism.
  • Active Service: Train and mobilize students to discover and use their gifts to serve.
  • Quality Programs: Develop and improve high-quality programs to promote all core pursuits.

Multi-ethnic Ministry

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, and BridgePoint's mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ from all nations. We are deliberately aiming to be a multiethnic church, and are always considering applicants from the full range of ethnic backgrounds.


Qualifications of Student Ministries Pastor

  • Spiritual Devotion: A clear personal walk with Jesus Christ and an evident love for God.
  • Doctrinal Conviction: Doctrinal conviction and clarity along with wholehearted agreement with the church's doctrinal statement.
  • Biblical Maturity: Unquestionable character and integrity.
  • Relational Warmth: Evident love for others that draws students, staff, and parents into meaningful relationships.
  • Passion for Youth: An obvious love for middle and high school students.
  • Leadership Development: Maturity and experience to recruit, develop, and empower adult and student leaders.
  • Shepherding Discernment: The discernment required to assess student's spiritual needs and provide meaningful steps to maturity.
  • Winsome Communication: The skills necessary to communicate publicly and interpersonally with students, parents, and the church.
  • Logistical Abilities: The skills necessary to manage events, volunteers, and budgets.
  • Quality Control: A willingness to encourage and address unsatisfactory performance of workers up to the point of dismissal if necessary.
  • Commitment to Safety: The ability to respond appropriately to disruptive or dangerous behavior by students.
  • Commitment to Collaborate: A willingness to work collaboratively with other staff leaders to pursue the mission of the church.

Practical Qualifications

  • Be or become a member of BridgePoint Bible Church.
  • Pass a standard background check.
  • Understand the basics of adolescent development.
  • Possess significant experience with middle and high school student ministry (experience in a formal student ministry is preferred).
  • Have technological awareness including computer and social media abilities.

Scheduled Responsibilities

This is a full-time, paid position, requiring an average of 40 or more hours per week. Regularly scheduled responsibilities include:

  • Sunday mornings (weekly)
  • Wednesday evenings (weekly)
  • Staff meetings (weekly)
  • Seasonal camps (summer and fall or spring)
  • Special events
  • Annual short-term missions trips

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop overall ministry plan, curriculum, activities, and schedule.
  • Build meaningful relationships with middle and high school students.
  • Serve as the primary teacher for Student Ministries.
  • Serve as primary communicator with students, staff, parents, and church.
  • Oversee all programming, including regular Sunday and mid-week activities.
  • Organize and lead student retreats and camps.
  • Recruit, train, and care for adult volunteers.
  • Develop intern program and recruit, train, and care for interns.
  • Maintain a safe environment including (but not limited to) requiring background checks for all volunteer workers, requiring liability release forms, avoiding dangerous activities, etc.
  • Monitor and study cultural trends and other student ministries to maintain relevance.
  • Oversee student ministries budget including approval of all purchases.
  • Oversee cleanliness and orderliness of Student Ministries space.
  • Partner with pastors and staff to align Student Ministries with BridgePoint's vision.

Oversight and Reporting Structure

  • The Student Ministries Pastor is a member of the BridgePoint staff.
  • The Student Ministries Pastor oversees all student ministry staff and volunteers.
  • The Student Ministries Pastor is supervised by the Executive Pastor.

How to apply

Send CV, cover letter, and recorded sermon (video is preferable, audio is acceptable) to Lead Pastor David "Gunner" Gundersen at [email protected]

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